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Melanie is a stylist who adores bold prints, local farmers markets, and getting down to 90's music.  Her mission is to make women feel confident through their clothes.  This native New Yorker currently resides in the Bay Area with her fantastic husband, brilliant (totally biased) two kiddos and her impossibly cute Boston Terrier.  


How's Your Closet Doing, Girl?

Every morning you wake up, check your emails on your phone (ugh or maybe that's just me.. bad habit), brush your teeth, etc.. but no matter what your morning routine is, one thing is proooobably gonna happen.  You are going to have to go into your closet and get dressed.  It's an inevitable part of your day and well, it's my firm believe that it should be a pleasant one.  No, not JUST pleasant.  It should be a freakin PARTY.  

What would it feel like if it was a party in your closet?

Your closet should be a place that you genuinely enjoy.  Let me clarify what I mean by closet.  I mean, the feeling when you walk in, the organizational system that makes you able to find things easily, and most importantly... the clothes in your closet.  I want you to love it all and be excited to go into your closet and get dressed.  So often we forget that this is a real possiblity.  We get so used to our closets being a frustrating and overwhelming thing that we don't even realize that this stress filled morning doesn't need to be our reality.  

This is something that really hits close to home for me.  I've seen first hand what having a closet and wardrobe you hate does for your self confidence.  How this one experience in the morning can have a serious effect on your entire day.  Your mood, your actions and even your ability to make decisions, can all take a nose dive if you don't feel good about yourself.  Yes... your closet can seriously mess with all.these.things.  

There is a way out, and not only do I want to help you get there, I want to show you that it's possible to have fun while you do it.  

Over the last few years I've become sort of a... closet doctor.  The more women's closets I went to, the more I started to see common threads.  I was actually shocked to see how similar these scenarios were.  While everyone's style is unique to them, the clothes that they don't like, or weren't wearing, usually had a similar answer.  We would talk about the "WHY" behind it.  Why are you holding onto that?  Or, if you don't like it.. why is it still in your closet?  These questions change everything.  I started to use the term "closet rehab" to describe the day.  After awhile I realized that I wanted to change that.. yes... it's a closet rehab, but what I'd like it to feel like is a closet party.  Cleaning out your closet can be FUN.  With a positive and understanding person there to guide you through, and by giving your closet and personal style the care and attention it deserves you are opening up the possibility for a killer party.   

So, how do we get there?  First, we need to identify the problem.  In my three part video training series The Top Three Mistakes Women Make In Their Closets (and what to do about it), I talk not only about what these three mistakes are, but how to change that habit.  These mistakes happen to ALL OF US, which is why I want to address it head on.  You are not alone, but that doesn't mean you need to stay frustrated every morning! By checking out the video here, you'll have the videos sent directly to your inbox over the coming week.  I'm here for you!  If these videos resonate with you, I want to know!  Comment on Facebook, Instagram or on this blog post.  Let's talk about it!  Girl, you are about to have an awesome closet and I can't WAIT to help you get there!

With love; from my closet to yours,


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