About Melanie

Melanie is a stylist who adores bold prints, local farmers markets, and getting down to 90's music.  Her mission is to make women feel confident through their clothes.  This native New Yorker currently resides in the Bay Area with her fantastic husband, adorable, chubby baby and her impossibly cute puppy.  


A Hat For Every Occasion

Hi. I'm Melanie. I'm a hat addict and I think you should be too. Ok, fine. You do you, girl. But can we just chat for a second about the glorious accessory that adorns your head and makes it so you don't have to stress about a bad hair day?! Can I get an amen? I'm not religious, but I might get on board if a hat religion existed. Too far? Never. 

It's time to start chatting about accessories that are functional (aka warm) and fashionable. Because I'm such an avid hat wearer, I've made it my mission to convert as many hat skeptics to hat lovers in no time. 

In order to do this we need to start with your hat woes. What makes you unsure of wearing hats? Well, I did some digging and what I learned from asking clients, friends, and anyone who would listen to my hat rants is that a lot of people feel that hats overwhelm them or they feel "silly". They also ALL expressed liking the way they looked on other people. Which proves my point even further.


There. I said it and I'm NOT taking it back. I decided to break down with five of the most common hat types and who they work for to make you hat-confident. 

The pom pom beanie- Let's face it, this hat is a winter staple. It evokes cozy, warmth, and works on almost every head shape due to it's soft knit fabrication. Choose a color that is different from your hair color yet neutral enough to pair with lots of different pieces. 

The Wide Brimmed Felt Hat - This style of hat works beautifully on bohemian goddesses, funky glamsters, and everything in between. It can be dressed up for date night, or worn with a winter coat for a walk in the city. These hats usually come in s/m/l so make sure you've checked your size. 

*** This is a common misconception about people that don't think hats work on them! If hats tend to be too big or too small, always check the sizing as well as go for a knit hat or hat with stretch.

The Beret - I have always had a love affair with France even though I've never been. Don't worry, it's on the bucket list. This hat has that easy French style that can dress up even a basic tee and jeans. It adds an effortless style that screams style maven. This is one of my favs, so I have one in black, white, and taupe (yes they all feel necessary and I've probably thought more about this than any one person should). 

The Fedora - This style was originally for men in the 1920's and has had many evolutions over the years. Widely popular in the 1940's and 50's they never went out of style. Women's fedoras usually have a wider brim and are worn more casually. I love wearing mine with a casual dress and booties for an autumnal inspired look. 

The Baseball Cap - While I'm not a huge traditional baseball cap wearer, I do love the playful nature of a more feminine baseball cap like this two toned one. I also adore the leather trend that adds a mix of tomboy meets stylista. This is a great look for someone who wears a lot of altheisure but wants to elevate their look. 

When I reached out on FB and Instagram about everyone's hat woes, the answers were all quite similar. This made me realize that there really consisitencies when it comes to the reasons behind wearing a hat vs. not wearing a hat. I talked all about it in my newsletter which is exclusive content for people on my mailing list. Speaking of which, are you on the list? To get on it, add your email below this post! You'll be getting exclusive content and be the first to know about upcoming projects.

XO, Melanie

Blouse, Assorted hats from my own collection 

Photography - Rosa Delgado 

Hair and Makeup - Elevations Mobile Salon 



Bold Thanksgiving Style And An Even Bolder Announcement

If you aren't jumping for joy over gingham are you TRULY living? With Thanksgiving just around the corner, it's time to start planning your holiday look to avoid stress and show up in style. While Christmas and New Years usually call for something fancy and sparkly (at least in my world), Thanksgiving is all about being cozy yet stylish. Which brings us to today's turkey day approved look. It's all about bold hues, preppy prints, and coordinating accessories which, if I'm being honest (and you know I am), are always a good idea in my book.

Gingham is an underrated print that can take an outfit to the next level. It can be worn as a neutral, or it can be bold and exciting. No matter what way you slice it, gingham is here to stay and I couldn't be happier about it.

After living in Manhatten for several years, my husband (then fiance) and I moved to Connecticut for a new job opportunity. When we were there I was instantly inspired by the preppy New England style and it SHOWED. I went from my sleek black wardrobe to one that was filled with colors and prints. I like to think my style has evolved to be a healthy mix of both but there was definitely a brief period of time where I was wearing all the blazers, all the time. Which brings me to one of my favorite tips in my online course The Confident Closet:

Allow your style to evolve. Trends come and go, your body changes, and seasonal pieces will be introduced and put away. You can't expect your style to stay the same if everything else about you has changed. Style evolution is healthy and necessary.

That all being said, that's what I think today's look is for me. A healthy mix of New York Stylista, New England Prepster, and California Lover. While this shirt is worn casually here, I've actually worn it with heels to the theater (Hamilton isn't messing around in case you were curious) and with white shorts for July 4th. Nothing makes me happier than a bold print that can have versatility. 

Also, can we talk about the freshness of navy, white, and a bold pop of orange? I'm not one to shy away from color or print, and I love how this look feels sophisticated while being playful at the same time. I attribute this to the crisp fabrication of the top, structure of the coat, and coordinating white earrings. 

So, I know what you are thinking. Melanie... you waited over half this blog post to tell us that The Confident Closet is open for enrollment! I know, I know, but I wanted to talk about my orange coat first. Sorry for the delay! 

The Confident Closet will be starting it's next round on December 4th. That means you'll have a closet cleaned out, refreshed, and organized by the new year. I love this idea of a fresh slate for the year to come and can't wait to help! 

Since I'm in the grateful holiday spirit, I wanted to do something I'd never done before. For the first time, The Confident Closet is at a discounted $99. For all the PDFs, all the videos, all the guided help. It really is a steal, and I'm not just saying that because I created it. If this intrigues you, head HERE to learn more! It's pretty exciting stuff, maybe even more exciting than this outfit combo... and you KNOW how I feel about gingham now, so that is saying a lot!

Happy Thanksgiving! I'm so grateful for my little corner of the internet, and most importantly that you are here reading! Enjoy your time with loved ones and have a little extra gravy for me. 

XO, Melanie

Photography - Rosa Delgado 

Hair and Makeup - Elevations Mobile Salon 

Gingham Shirt (Old Victoria Beckham for Target - Found a link for it on Poshmark!), Skinnies, Orange Coat, Lipstick, Slides 


Three Ways to Rock a Turtleneck

It's officially my favorite time of year. LAYERING SEASON. Is that a thing? It is here at Head Over Heels with Melanie. I view layering and accessorizing as a way to show your personality and style. While in the Summer it's all flowy sundresses and swimsuits, the Fall and Winter gives us an opportunity to wear scarves, jackets, and to LAYER our tops. I'm not even kidding when I tell you this stuff makes me giddy. Giddy, you guys. Giddy. 

For today, I wanted to chat about a classic piece that can be reinvented. Drumroll please.... THE TURTLENECK. The turtleneck can get a bad rep and I'm here to change that. People don't always view it as a cool or hip piece of clothing probably due to the higher neckline and the fact that it's been around for ages. But, that's what I love about it. It's not going out of style anytime soon, so you can invest in one that will stand the test of time. I find them to be stylish, sleek, and versatile. So, how do we change it up and have it reach it's full potential? By LAYERING! Below are my three favorite ways to funk up that prep, stay warm, and most importantly, to add some texture and uniqueness to your look. 

Three Ways to Layer a Turtleneck with Style 

One of the number one complaints I hear from my Style Blazers (aka the amazing ladies in my private FB group, who take The Confident Closet, or follow me on social media) is that they have a closet full of clothes and yet they feel they have nothing to wear. I know. I know. It's been heard so many times (even on this blog I mention it quite often), but it's so true and such an epidemic. While I believe there are a lot of ways to fix this dilemma, the one I want to talk about today is being creative with the pieces you do currently have hanging in your wardrobe. We are quick to buy new clothes, but if we can reinvent the old, we will truly have functioning closet. #goals

I chose a striped tissue turtleneck from J.Crew for this post because:

1) I have this thing for stripes. Some call it an obsession, but I call it a healthy obsession. Big difference.

2) It's thin enough to layer easily under a sweater or button down without being bulky. I like to consider something like this an interesting basic. It's got something extra going on but can be mixed and matched easily. 

3) It's affordable. Ain't nothing wrong with not breaking the bank.

4) The color palette is versatile yet striking, making for visual interest. 

Look One - Pattern Play and Mustard 

When it comes to layering your tops. make sure you aren't limiting yourself to just sweaters, cardigans, or jackets. Having a peek of the turtleneck from under this plaid button down adds something fresh and unexpected. 

Let's have a chat about pattern play, shall we? While I can understand it's daunting, if it intrigues you, I want to give you a little push to TRY it on. The best way to see if you like it is to just throw it on at home and see it on you. 

There is no harm in trying on a combination that scares you. The only way to elevate your wardrobe is by stepping out of your comfort zone and remembering to have fun.

*** Over the next few weeks I'll be diving into pattern play a little more. So make sure you are following me on Instagram and Facebook if you want some added tips to play with pattern.

Look Two - Throw a Vest on It  

Ah, black and red. Such a match made in Christmas heaven. When it comes to layering, a vest is a fantastic way to add multiple pieces without too much bulk. If you live somewhere that doesn't get super cold, a vest will be your layering bestie. Add it over a long sleeve tee, chambray shirt, or even a t-shirt dress. Once again, I'm a pattern play junkie so these stripes and plaid were a no brainer for me. The trick here is to have a solid bottom to keep things in check. What I love about this look is that each piece has a more traditional and classic nature on their own, but combined adds for something a bit quirkier. I also mixed in coordinating pieces like these black jeans and my favorite new white watch for a head to toe look that feels fresh and put together. 

Look 3 - When Vintage Meets Modern 

I adore that the turtleneck in this look is actually a huge part of what makes this outfit special. While it can be an added detail in some looks, I also adore when it has a leading roll. This trendy black sweater is voluminous and striking which makes for a killer mix with our turtleneck. These two together are a match made in layering heaven. I had so much fun with the juxtaposition of the modern lines and vintage sensibility. I'm also wearing 1950's earrings from my trip to Palm Springs, sleek flats, and my favorite affordable dark skinnies. I was channeling my inner Twiggy for this look and I'm certainly moving and grooving. 

When you think of a turtleneck, are you into layering or keeping it simple? I'd love for you to take a moment and think of one way you can reimagine a classic piece in your wardrobe. Can you come up with 3 new ways to wear it so it feels like something new? It's time to get inspired and start layering!

XO, Melanie


Photography - Rosa Delgado 

Hair and Makeup - Elevations Mobile Salon 


Look One - Turtleneck, Button Down, Skirt, Purse (Banana Republic last year), Heels 

Look Two - Vest, Jeans, Boots, Watch

Look Three - Sweater, Jeans, Flats (cole haan from last year)



Inspired By The Invite

Why hello there Style Blazers!

Since we last spoke I've moved into a new town and Head Over Heels is sure to be inspired by our new surroundings. That's what today's post is all about. Being inspired by what's around you and letting it influence your style! Today I've partnered with Paperless Post not just to talk about their incredible invitations, but how to have fun with style and be influenced by your surroundings.

With summertime in full swing and so many reasons to celebrate, my husband and I knew we had to throw a BBQ in our new backyard. I happen to love BBQs and the relaxed yet fun nature that this kind of party suggests. For our party, I knew the first thing that needed to be decided on was the invites. I headed to Paperless Post to find a killer invite with style and man, do they deliver! I love that they have designers create exclusive invitations that can be online or printed. I chose a quirky yet sophisticated design by Indigo Bunting to set the tone of the party. And let's be honest, what says BBQ more than watermelon? I just adored the vibrant color palette and hand crafted nature this design conveyed.

With a stylish invite like this one, a stand out ensemble is also in order. When deciding what to wear for your next BBQ where do you seek inspiration? Why not allow yourself to be stimulated and energized by something new and exciting? Take this fantastic invite for example? I let my style mind be as creative as possible and came up with a few different outfit ideas inspired by this one of a kind watermelon design.

Style can be seen in so many aspects of our life. One ways to keep things exciting and to stay out of a style rut (and believe me, those style ruts are REAL) is to allow yourself to think outside the box. I like to create style challenges, such as "Can I create an outfit influenced by this invitation?". My favorite way to dress for a daytime party is casual with a little extra something special. In this case, these loafers for comfort with a conversation starter like these pineapple and palm trees is the perfect example! This board is meant to inspire, excite and remind you that clothing can be playful and sophisticated at the same time.  

1)Shirt 2)Skirt 3)Dress 4)Romper 5)Watermelon Purse 6)Lipstick 7)Loafers 8)Pants

 As I was writing today's post, I got to thinking about what's truly important when it comes to planning. Three things really came to mind.

1) Whether you are planning an outfit or a party, let your style shine as bright as you do. Use these moments to express yourself in a unique way.

2) Think about the outfit from head to toe and then some. Clothes truly become an outfit with the details like a bright lip color, a pedicure, or the perfect accessory.

3) Feeling stylish doesn't mean dressy. Take your t-shirt and jeans to the next level with a quirky watermelon purse. Wear a jean skirt with an extra detail. Finding something special in the casual pieces elevates the whole look without making you feel out of place.

Do you have any parties coming up? Make sure to check out Paperless Post for all your party needs and to be inspired! Here's to lots of hot dogs, relaxing conversation, cocktails, and of course, watermelon. :)

XO, Melanie 

Hair and Makeup by Melissa Hoffmann

Photography by Krista Marie Photography 


Everybody's Talking 'Bout a Fresh Start

When you think about the New Year, it's kind of hard to not think of it as a clean slate. That's a good thing in theory but sometimes it can be a challenge to know where to begin. It's not that I necessarily think I do a terrible job at everything but all of a sudden New Year's Day comes around and I feel like I'm nitpicking at everything that I could possibly work on and let's just say... it's not pretty. Please tell me I'm not the only one that goes down a shame spiral of resolutions?? That being said I truly do love the idea of a New Year, a fresh start, and goals of working on a happier and more confident life. 

So, all of that is to say, where DO you start? For me, it starts with the home. It starts with your environment. If your closet, is a mess and filled with clothes you hate, it truly is hard to navigate every other aspect of your life with ease. So it's clear now that we have to take our first step. But it still feels so BIG. Such a huge undertaking! Especially right after the holidays when we may have had some extra christmas cookies and spent a little too much money. Which is why I want you to start small. I have three small changes you can make that will get you on the right foot. Tackle the big guy later... you know... with The Confident Closet (my online course that helps you clean out your closet and enjoy it in the process. wink wink). For now, let's start with a few small basics that will have a big impact. Promise. 

Three Small Things You Can Do NOW That Will Get You Started On That Big Closet

1) Pick one drawer. That's right. Start with one small space. Maybe for you it's not a drawer, it's shoes, or scarfs etc. But just choose one. When we "chunk it down" (as I endearingly like to call it) it no longer feels as overwhelming. Pick a drawer or area in your closet that has been bugging you and start there. For example, our underwear drawers ALWAYS get neglected. Finding a system that works to organize your bras and underwear and keep them neat is a great place to start. The foundation of your outfit starts with what's underneath. 

Another thing to remember is that once you get going sometimes it's easier to continue. So maybe you start by cleaning out one drawer and then it seems easier to do the one below. And suddenly you've cleaned out your whole dresser. Sweet!

2) Clean out your purse. Your purse ends up being a catch-all, and then sometimes even a garbage can if you eat on the go or have kids. Since you use it so often, and are constantly needing to know where things are, a purse is a great place to see an instant change. Seeing the results will make you more eager to get started on other items in your home.

HOH Tip- Start by taking EVERYTHING out of your bag. Chances are you'll need to dump some things out, and it's always a good idea to see what you've been carrying around so you can truly make sure it's something you need. 

3) Get clear on your style. Maybe you aren't ready to get into the nitty gritty yet. Gaining clarity is a crucial and overlooked step when it comes to cleaning out your closet. Head over to Pinterest and create a new board called "My Style NOW". It'll be easy to notice trends and things you are gravitating towards this way. Then ask yourself if your current closet is representing that style. By doing this first, you will be able to make decisions on whether or not to keep something in your closet much quicker. 

There is another piece to this puzzle which is that you need to make sure the styles you like on Pinterest work on your body type, but that's for another post my friend. =) 

Ok! So you have your much smaller task and it feels way more manageable right? Let's do a happy dance! (embarrassing happy dance pictured above). So get going and let me know how it works out for ya? Did you get motivated? Was seeing the results helpful? I want to know! You can comment below or find me on Instagram or Facebook and let me know how it went!



All Photos by the talented: Rosa Delgado Photography