Fancy meeting you here!  I couldn't be happier to help you learn to love your closet again!  

Not only do I focus on how to make women love their closets, but themselves in their clothes.  It's a package deal and the more knowledge, trust in your ability and swagger you have, the easier it is put together a killer outfit quickly, efficiently and effortlessly.  It takes time, trust and commitment which is why I've created a program that is a self study.  So you can get down and dirty in your closet when it works for YOU.  While I give a suggested timeline, I'm fully aware that women work at their own pace, and my goal is for you to love your style and all the clothes in your closet in any way that works for you!  HOW are we going to do that?!  Well, I'll tell ya!


Work One-On-One with me

I offer in-home closet consultations in the Bay Area, shopping trips, photo shoot consultations and styling, virtual styling and more!  Email me @ Melanie@HeadOverHeelsWithMelanie.Com


Through my 6 week online course The Confident Closet

Cleaning out your closet doesn't have to be a drag.  It can be a downright party!  This course is filled with incredible videos, gorgeous and informative style sheets, bonuses from fantastic experts and loads of ways to hold yourself accountable every step of the way.  

The Confident Closet was created to help women who want to:

1) Walk into their closets and not only feel confident about their personal style, but their ability to accessorize, coordinate and trust their instincts.  

2) Wake up every morning and NOT feel frustrated when she can't find her favorite pair of shoes in her messy and disorganized closet.

3) Who are ready to get rid of all those clothes that aren't doing ANYTHING but sitting there, reminding them of a former self.  

I've been there and I've helped countless women change their lives by changing their closet and mindset around clothes.  

Are you ready to join my tribe of "Style Blazers"?

What people are saying: 

Melanie helped me sort out my closet, and it was as if I lifted ten layers of heavy weight off my life. I think I released about 50% of my clothes because she helped me to see how much I was holding onto energetically and emotionally, things I haven't worn for 15 years, and no longer fit into. Now my closet only has things that I love and that I currently wear, and it feels amazing! I feel confident in each item because we made sure that I do. One of the best parts is also that I have a ton of new room in my closet and drawers. My take-away from Melanie is to release the old and make space for who I am today. I am going to make a time each season to release the old and make sure each piece in my closet is something I adore. - Michelle Long


 My style has evolved A TON over the last year and lately, every time I stepped into my closet I was met with frustration. Where do I start? How do I layer properly? Where should I shop? All of these things seemed a bit too overwhelming so I found myself putting off shopping for new clothes because I didn't just need a few new pieces, I needed a total REVAMP of my wardrobe. I finally hit my breaking point and Melanie jumped in to save the day. Thanks to Melanie's help and the worksheets she provided, I got rid of everything in my closet that didn't fit my new style. She helped me figure out what things I could wear and re-wear depending on the "look" I was going for -- layering has never been a strong suite of mine, but she helped me figure out how to keep it simple, while still feeling comfortable and fashionable. So thankful for the time and effort she put in to help me define my style and I can't wait to see my closet (and confidence) grow from here! Thanks Melanie! - Krista Marie Lynch 


Before I cleaned out my closet I felt like my clothes were a constant reminder of how I "used to be". After having a baby, a lot of things didn't fit or looked awkward, but getting this thing handled by myself felt overwhelming.  So I hired Melanie to bring me through her Confident Closet process because I knew, if I didn't, it was never going to get done.  The process was so much more fun and empowering than I thought.  Instead of feeling terrible every time I tried on something too small, Melanie had a reframe for me.  It was more about keeping what felt amazing, than getting rid of things that didn't fit.I also didn't realize how many random things I was holding onto!  My favorite question Melanie kept asking was, "would you go into a store and buy this today?"  Now I go into my closet and I feel like it's a beautiful boutique, perfectly catered to me.  Everyday I feel like, "God, I have so many options how am I going to choose!?" Instead of, "Ugh, I have nothing to wear."  I also love how she taught me to how to reinvent some pieces with accessories or wearing it with a certain skirt or jacket.  It got me excited about clothes I've had for years.  Melanie is so knowledgeable about fashion, really gets women and is one of the most warm and funny girls I know. I can't recommend her program enough.  It seriously changed everything for me. - Sarah Jenks


Melanie is the BEST.  Seriously.  After having my third kid, my body was doing some major grumping about it.  I turned to Melanie and The Confident Closet to get my closet organized and my outfits on point.  I was sick of feeling "frumpy" after having babies.  I was still wearing the same maternity clothes because it was comfortable.  With no sleep and chasing 3 boys all day long, I didn't have time to be uncomfortable just to look good.  It was just not gonna happen.  Letting go of old stuff is no problem for me.  But, it's just finding the balance between comfortable and find MY style that was so challenging for me.  Melanie managed to help me toss the stuff that didn't flatter me, spruce up my accessories and help me find the secret sauce to being confident in my style and most importantly comfortable.  A few key pieces with the right accessories and it totally works.  Even my husband says he likes my new digs!  Score!  Now I only wear clothes that actually fit my body, have fun accessories to make things fun and even a few ta-da outfits when I get all fancy.  It's awesome.  Also, I know I can always jump in the private Facebook group for community support.  When I have a quick question about my outfit, I post it right to the group adn get tons of positive feedback.  That has been such a HUGE bonus for me that I didn't think I needed but so glad it has been there. - Shauna Bryant

 For more testimonials, pretties and ESPECIALLY all the deets about The Confident Closet click HERE and let's get this party started!  Can't wait to see you there!