"When it comes to fashion, I'm not a total lost cause, but I frequently have the feeling like I'm missing something... or three things in my outfit. I never feel quite like I'm making a statement or turning heads. And as an entrepreneur and blogger, I was doing frequent photo shoots, which would result in weeks of anxiety leading up to it not knowing what to wear.

Then I met Melanie. Melanie really made me feel like myself. When she put me in outfits for my shoot or for a speaking event I finally was able to look at myself and say, "YES! THIS is what I was going for all along. I feel like me, but better!" She just seemed to get me.

Melanie also did a total closet overhaul with me so I could feel camera ready in my everyday life. It just so happened to be during a time in my life when I had gained a little weight, and as a weight loss coach, this was hard for me! But Melanie was so good about talking me through what looked good on me, what to let go and what I needed to add. We talked about what made me feel confident, what my signature style was and how to dress up a t-shirt and jeans. The result was feeling even better in my clothes than I did ten pounds earlier. This allowed me to feel more beautiful - inside and out. I can't recommend working with Melanie enough! "

Sarah Jenks, SarahJenks.com & Live More & Weigh Less


"I only wish I met Melanie sooner. I discovered Melanie as my business starting growing quickly. I was doing interviews and speaking at huge national conferences with hundreds of women and wearing clothes I purchased from Target 3 years ago-- no joke. As a work-at-home mom, yoga pants and anything comfy was my style. I hired Melanie for a Closet Rehab and to get confident with the clothes I have, and also get the clothes I need to fill the gaps in my wardrobe.

She totally got my style and helped me grow into my big girl pants. She lovingly let me know I was still holding on to a fashion style from my high school years. I used to be frustrated and embarrassed to go out with my girlfriends because it felt like I had nothing to wear. Now I go out and get compliments on every single outfit I wear. And my husband loves my new fashion sense. I'm wearing clothes that fit my body, highlight the parts of my body I love, and I just feel so confident and happy. I love having Melanie in my back pocket, she even texts me cute pics of things she sees that she thinks fit my style. She's my secret style weapon."

Jadah Sellner, Simple Green Smoothies & JadahSellner.com


"Melanie is like having your very own celebrity stylist - but wayyyyy better. From the minute we discussed the concept for my website photo shoot, Melanie was literally bursting with the most adorable ideas. It was like she read my mind and made it a million times better! I was strapped for time and Melanie did all of my shopping for me while I tended to other responsibilities. Throughout the day, she texted me photos of the pieces and I beamed with excitement every time my phone pinged. The day of the shoot Melanie was incredibly supportive and helped put together amazing outfits for each concept. I was so in love with everything she brought I even purchased one sweater on the spot (consequently, it's now my favorite sweater.) I couldn't be more delighted with my experience with Melanie. I wish I could lock her in my closet so she'd be around to dress me all the time. Just kidding (not really). Hire Melanie and you'll feel and look glam + gorgeous for any occasion!" 

Melissa Cassera, Cassera Communications


"There are two words that come to mind when I think of Melanie's work: F*cking Genius. Yes, she has a magical ability in making everything look great. But even more important, she listens, and infuses your personal style into whatever look she's helping you create. I resisted getting styling help FOR YEARS and now could kick myself for not working with Mel sooner. She's inspired me to express myself through my wardrobe (lots of leather, thank you very much!) and now every time I put something on I hear her voice say, "Does it make you feel sexy?" Like I said, F*cking Genius."

Jamie Greenwood, Jamie Living


"Melanie is FABULOUS. We've worked on many editorial photo shoots together and she approaches each and every project with excitement, energy and tons of fresh ideas. She has that amazing ability to truly listen and understand a client's vision. She soaks it all up and then delivers results that are above and beyond anything you expected! When I'm pulling together a photo shoot I know that she is one piece of the puzzle that I don't have to worry about - she always knocks it out of the park - so I typically try to stay out of her way as much as possible and let her work her magic! Did I mention she's super fun and easy to work with? Melanie is just a gem."

Amanda O’Shannessy,
One True Love Vintage Rentals &
Amanda O'Shannessy Creative



"Ever wonder what it would be like to have your BFF as your wedding stylist? She would be exactly like Melanie. As a wedding dress designer, I tend to be completely connected to my work. Melanie provides that alternate eye and comic relief you need during a photoshoot. She is tech savvy and used Pinterest to help me visualize the look she wanted to create for my bridal collection photoshoot, while still upholding my design mission. The best part, she is grace and giggles under fire.  We adored working with her at Trish Lee Bridal." 

Trish Lee, Trish Lee Bridal






"Working with Melanie on an editorial photo shoot was a dream. She has such an eye for "what works" and for all of the details that truly make a difference. Every set was perfect, every outfit looked incredible and Melanie brought such a fun, enjoyable energy to the day. I'll be looking forward to working with her in the future!"

Scott Andrew, Scott Andrew Photography







"Melanie has a special touch that makes everything more beautiful and shiny. I consider her my personal stylist and she has helped me on many occasions and with many photo shoots. She always has a way of choosing clothing and accessories that help me to feel more comfortable and confident in my body and in front of the camera. Melanie has a way of helping me feel more like myself, and helping me shine in all the best ways!"

Michelle Long, Bloom Retreat



"I hired Melanie for my branding shoot for new photos for my website. I needed photos that showed the real me, looking stylish and fun, and like a girl you were dying to be friends with and hire. I also needed photos that showed me working, that were beautiful to look at but showed me in my element. I was really unsure of what I wanted the photos to look like, and no idea what to wear. I was also dreading being in front of the camera, because as a makeup artist, I'm the one behind the camera making sure my client looks amazing, and I'm so uncomfortable when it comes to having my picture taken. Melanie was so amazing to have on my team, and made the whole experience so easy, stress-free and fun! 

Melanie is not only a gifted stylist, but she is also an amazing creative director and modeling coach. I knew I needed new photos for my website, because I had no idea what I wanted them to look like, the locations, or what I should be doing. Melanie knew exactly what photos I needed to have taken, and the locations I should be photographed in. She took care of the whole creative direction so my photos came out amazing, and will match my branding and my personal style. She also helped me to feel so comfortable in front of the camera. I usually hate having my photo taken because I feel awkward and don't know how to pose and look cool but still natural. Melanie gave me great direction on what to do and how to pose so I felt natural and at ease. I felt beautiful during my shoot, and I love the way I look in my photos. I know that I wouldn't have had the same results without her help and direction. If you are at all worried about how you're going to feel during your shoot, or look in your photos, you have to hire Melanie!"

Melissa Hoffmann, Melissa Hoffmann Beauty

"After years of doing my own styling and photographing of my handbags, never being completely satisfied with the result, I decided to hire a stylist. From the first moment I met Melanie, I knew I could trust her to run with the project. What I appreciated most was how Melanie listened to me. She didn't push her own style, or what she wanted to do with the shoot. She helped me articulate my vision, took hold of it and improved it to a point I never could have achieved on my own.

"I also appreciated how she worked within my budget and didn't push me to spend more money. When I expressed my concern that costs were adding up, she immediately problem solved with a better, less expensive option. You know that's talent when a woman can achieve a high quality product on a limited budget!

"Melanie didn't just style a few outfits and pull together a team of a photographer, model and make-up artist. She created a story, further defined my brand and created a beautiful end product that shows my handbags in their very best light. I've never been so proud to share photos of my bags to customers and the media." 
Jordana Paige, Jordana Paige



"I hired Melanie to style me for a personal photo shoot. As a mom to 3 toddlers, it had been years since I last purchased anything for myself that you couldn't find in the maternity section or cotton basics. I had completely forgotten what my own style even was! From our first consult, Melanie's bubbly personality made me so excited to start shopping and figuring out what my own unique style was. On shopping day, I was exhausted, but Melanie's energy and enthusiasm kept me going. She pulled pieces for me that I would have never chosen on my own, she was budget-conscious, and every decision she made kept my style, personality, and needs in mind. I felt so confident about the outfits she helped me to create that I couldn't help but feel good on the day of my photo shoot.

My experience working with Melanie continues to influence my life today. Before working with Melanie, I chose outfits that would allow me to blend in with the world, but now I'm so much more excited to express myself through my clothing and accessories. She's amazing at what she does!"

Yvonne Ling Kao, Yvonne Ling Kao