Meet Melanie…. 

When trying to spot Melanie on the street, you should look for four things:

1) A nautical item of clothing (You can take the girl out of the east coast, but you can’t take the east coast out of the girl!).

2) A warm, inviting smile that stretches ear to ear.

3) A Boston terrier puppy named Lola who has an affinity for sprinklers.

4) A toddler named Zoe who loves to compliment everyone's outfits and a baby named Jude who smiles all day long. 

A native New Yorker, Melanie started her career as a theatrical costume designer.  After working on several NYC productions, multiple Broadway tours and commercials, Melanie had a moment of genius and decided to start working in the wedding industry.  Her path then led her to making women feel fantastic through their clothes.  Her passion for translating a director’s vision into reality, her love of making women feel great in their skin, as well as her attention to detail made the transition seamless!   Melanie has worked with women all over the U.S.  From New York, to Connecticut to San Francisco, she's styled east coasters for weddings and Californians for their new website photo shoot.  

Melanie has always had a knack for making women feel comfortable, confident and fashionable.  Whether working with a bride, entrepreneur, new mom or public speaker, she pays special attention to what makes someone really shine.  Not to mention, this stylist extraordinaire has mastered the art of mixing patterns and colors effortlessly.

Currently based in the Bay Area, Melanie can usually be found traveling with her family, enjoying foodie adventures and throwing fabulous BBQs. She couldn't be happier to work with you and help you become the confident, stylish and stunning woman you have always wanted to be! 

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Photo Credit: Melanie Duerkopp Photography, Krista Marie Photography, Abi Q Photography

Hair and Makeup: Melissa Hoffmann & Jane Kim