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Melanie is a stylist who adores bold prints, local farmers markets, and getting down to 90's music.  Her mission is to make women feel confident through their clothes.  This native New Yorker currently resides in the Bay Area with her fantastic husband, adorable, chubby baby and her impossibly cute puppy.  


Maternity Photos by Abi Q Photography

All Photos By Abi Q Photography

As of today I am 34 weeks pregnant.  I can't even believe I'm typing that!  It's been such an incredible experience and I can't believe this stage is almost coming to an end.  I wanted to have maternity photos taken because I found it really important to document this time in our lives.  I wanted us to be able to look back and remember how amazing this pregnancy has been and how in love we are.  As well as how in love we are with this baby who isn't even born yet.  

After working with Abi Q on this photo shoot, I knew she was the photographer for the job.  Not only is she incredibly talented, a joy to work with and a whiz with light, she also happens to be 9 months pregnant herself!  I loved the fact that while we were shooting we were able to relate on being pregnant and how we have been feeling.  There is something that happens when you come across another pregnant gal.  You instantly connect and there is an unspoken admiration.  It only added to the maternity shoot experience.  I adore her work so much that I knew no matter what, I would love the pictures.  

I have to say, I always love having my photo taken.  I am one of those people who can smile and pose all day long.  But even someone like me can get nervous about taking photos (especially when you are 8 months pregnant!).  Abi made me feel comfortable and confident.  I am also SO glad Andrew was there to be in these photos with me.  Also, I love him in that J Crew gray sweater.  He's glowing, it must be the pregnancy.  ;)

I wanted to share with you a few of my favorites from the session.  I can't wait to frame them and I am so excited that we will be able to show our baby girl these photos in the future.  It's pretty special.




Ali and Tyler's Dreamy Engagement Session by Sweet Little Photographs

All Images by Sweet Little Photographs

I am so excited about today's engagement session that I can hardly contain myself!  Ali and Tyler are two of the sweetest people I know. Oh, and did I mention that they also happen to be two tall drinks of water that look absolutely amazing in everything they put on?  Because that also happens to be true!  Ali and Tyler are that couple that is just too good to be true.  He knows how to fix anything and she can whip up a gourmet meal in a snap.  They also have the most adorable story about how they started dating.  This story includes a chance meeting when Ali was 11 and Ty was 13 and Ali had a mouth full of donuts.  Fast forward to several years later and here they are taking engagement photos with colorful donuts! When you combine an amazing couple who is clearly madly in love and add the incredible photography of Sweet Little Photographs what you have is an out of this world engagement session.  I couldn't be more thrilled that I'm getting to share them with you today!  

Ali and Ty changed into a more casual look later on in the shoot.  I love the pop of green we chose for Ali's top.  It compliments the setting but still makes her stand out. It's always a good idea to bring at least two outfits to an engagement session to make sure you get a few different looks and feels.  We wanted to make sure that even the casual look was elevated and not too "everyday".  I love Ty in that comfy gray sweater and tie.  It's a great way to mix casual and dressed up.  Another way to distinguish two different styles is with hair.  By Ali taking her hair down she was able to get two totally different looks.  So gorg!

Could they be more in love?!  I know, it's the dreamiest engagement session ever.  Can't wait to work with them over the next few months on styling their wedding.  It's going to be so beautiful!  I just can't get enough of these two love birds.  I'll be sharing more on Ali and Ty's look later this week!  

I also want to give an extra shout out to Tim and Merrill of Sweet Little Photographs.  I happen to completely adore these two and highly recommend them to anyone and everyone who is looking for a wedding photographer.  They.are.fantastic.  




Entrepreneurial Style - Working Together With Sarah Jenks

Photo Credit Abi Q Photography

Talk about a quick change!  As promised, I'm breaking down some of the amazing outfits Sarah wore for her website photo shoot with Abi Q.  Sarah changed several times throughout the shoot and we had each outfit carefully accessorized and planned out for ease.  I broke it down for Sarah into "Outdoor Chic", "Street Style", and "Indoor Cozy".  

For the "Outdoor Chic" Looks we wanted Sarah to feel stylish but comfortable.  Sarah just exudes an easy breezy vibe and it all worked together perfectly!  

Top Row: one, two, three, four  Bottom Row: five, six, seven

Above is our inspiration, and below is some of the reality that came from it.  The results are all that we wanted and more.

For the "Street Style" Looks we wanted to portray a sophisticated yet urban feel.  Sarah has so many sides to her personality that we were able to showcase.  We also added some consistent elements throughout the shoot.  Lots of chambray and denim worn in different ways as well as soft hairstyles were worn throughout the day.  

Top Row: one, two, three, four  Bottom Row: five, six, seven

Love what a chameleon Sarah is!  She literally looks amazing in everything she puts on!  I think it's because her energy is so accepting and confident.  She is the quintessential example of a saying that I always tell my clients.  "If you feel great, you will look great".  It doesn't matter if you love a dress in "theory", if you feel self conscious that comes through.  It's all about the energy you put out!

Lastly, here is the mood board for "Indoor Cozy".  You can tell from these pictures that Sarah felt completely comfortable and in her element.  We went for a pop of color on a cozy sweater but a more fitted jean to show off her fabulous shape.

Top Row: one, two, three Bottom Row: four, five, six

This mood board was my favorite because it really captures the essence of finding beauty in the small things.  Also, how amazing is this picture of Sarah and her hubby?!  I think I know who the cute couple award goes to!

Making these mood boards really helped to give the day clear focus and a common ground for Sarah and us to go shopping.  I love working with entrepreneurs on looks that make them feel like they are portraying their best self.  Shoot me an message on my "Let's Chat" Section and let's collaborate together!  Have a wonderful weekend lovies!




Guest Post - Oscars 2013 Recap

Pure Joy

Talking about everything Oscar today on The Collection Event Studio's blog!  Nothing makes me happier than glamorous gowns and Hollywood starlets so go check it out!




The Incredible Images for Sarah Jenks' New Website


All Photographs by Abi Q Photography

When I first met Sarah I was instantly inspired.  She is one of those ladies that brings out the best in people.  She manages to motivate others just by being herself.  It's quite infections.  We instantly connected and have been a consistent support in each others lives ever since.  Not only do we work together on several of each other's projects but she just happens to be one of my closest friends.  I know... I'm a pretty lucky gal!  

Sarah decided to take on the task of relaunching her website and I was totally on board to help make it happen.  As Sarah's stylist it was important for us to have a clear vision for how she wanted to be perceived through the internet.  We discussed at length what she had in mind, came up with inspiration images and mood boards and shopped til we dropped.  I will be sharing my exclusive images boards with you on Friday so definitely come back to the blog to check it out.

Once Abi Q signed on board I was even more excited to see this website come together.  I have been a big fan of Abi's work for a long time and I knew she would knock it out of the park.  Of course our favorite makeup artist Melissa Hoffman was there to make Sarah look even more gorgeous!  

We wanted to focus on Sarah's clear message.  Live More, Weigh Less.  We came up with several outfits that made Sarah feel amazing and took photos of her all around the San Francisco area feeling incredible and living her life to the fullest.  I couldn't be happier with how her website has turned out.  I am more proud of her every day.  She is clearly a woman who is going places.  It's always a pleasure to style her for events and photo shoots but this shoot was extra special and I think that comes through in these images.  Or maybe Abi Q is just a genius.  Either way, the end result is pure perfection.  Who wouldn't want to work with her?  

Come back on Friday to get the exclusive mood boards that I made for her to focus her looks and help create an overall feeling for the website.  

Also, for more images check out the incredibly talented Abi Q's blog.  Such beautiful images!



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