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Melanie is a stylist who adores bold prints, local farmers markets, and getting down to 90's music.  Her mission is to make women feel confident through their clothes.  This native New Yorker currently resides in the Bay Area with her fantastic husband, adorable, chubby baby and her impossibly cute puppy.  


I have something SO exciting to share with you...

Hello my love!

I have some seriously exciting news to share! A few months ago I asked you ladies what you were struggling with and how I could help you.  It was pretty astounding how similar the answers were.   The response was loud and clear! You all said:

 “I want to feel confident in a t-shirt and jeans.”

 You spoke about how when you wear a t-shirt and jeans you feel insecure and not put together.   About how you wish you could accessorize with more self-assurance and leave the house feeling ready to take on the day.  Well, ask and you shall receive! 

 I have created a FREE style guide for you called “How to Style a T Shirt and Jeans.” and I can’t wait for you to read it.  It’s the bee’s knees.  All you need to do is enter your email to the right of this post (or above in the minty chevron header) and all the information is yours!

In this Style Guide you will learn how to go jeans shopping for your body type, the right t-shirt to buy, as well as three ways to style them to perfection.  Stick with me and you will feel well versed in the art of creating a look from head to toe.  If you put in the work, you will undoubtedly see instant results and your confidence will start to soar. 

Don’t forget, at the end of the style guide there is a crucial step that I don’t want you to miss out on.   Make sure to connect with me and tell me all about your fashionable “aha” moments! 

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Head Over Heels with Melanie is about creating a Confidence Revolution.  A movement if you will.  It’s time for women to start feeling confident with themselves.  Life is too precious to waste time focusing on “the last 10 pounds” or greasy hair.  You can feel confident and amazing with how you are right now.  You just need someone to help you get there. This revolution starts with one simple step. 


It’s so simple!  If you are inspired, and want to help women feel like the best versions of themselves, SHARE this with them.  Spread the word!  Here’s How: 

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I’ve got it all and I’d love for you to help me, help women!  I am bursting at the seams with excitement for this new chapter.  I hope you are inspired to come on this journey with me.

I can’t wait to get this stylish party started!  With your help I feel unstoppable! 

Lots of love,



Adding a Pop of Color with Jordana Paige

Helllooooo Cobalt Blue!  When I first set eyes on this Jordana Paige "Quinn" bag, one word came to mind.  Brilliant.  

1)  Brilliant color 2) Brilliant functionality 3) Brilliant price 4) Brilliant size.  

I'm not gonna lie, it's big.  But that's what I like about it.  When Jordana originally started her company she began by focusing on handbags for knitters.  She wanted to create chic yet functional bags for women who were carrying their projects with them.  Each bag addressed specific knitting needs, such as pockets for tools and a way to knit while keeping the project in it's place.  That attention to detail and uniqueness is still apparent in her bags, even though she no longer caters to just knitters, but to fashionable "non knitters" as well.  I could see this bag as a diaper bag, carry on travel bag, a beach tote, even an over night bag (unless you bring your blow dryer... theeeeen you are probably gonna need a duffel).  Check out her website here for more of her fabulous bags.

A pop of color is a quick and easy way to spruce up your outfit.  It's one of my favs as you can tell from this post or this post, or anything you see me in really.  

Some of my go to ways to add that special bit of color include red lipstick, a bold purse, a fun pedicure and a statement necklace.  What's the one thing they all have in common?  They are EASY and FUN.  If there is anything you should know about me, it's that I  am not the kind of girl that spends hours getting ready.  I also don't take fashion too seriously.  Those two things combined mean that I am always looking (and sharing with you) for easy ways to complete a look.  In the comments section below I'd love to hear about your favorite way to add a pop of color into your outfit.  Do you find it's easy or challenging?  I'd love to know.


Outfit Details - Previous Post






One Outfit: Two Ways - Versatile Jumpsuit

With summer approaching there is SUCH a temptation to buy all new clothes and accessories.  If you are anything like me, you go into your closet and think "I have nothing to wear! I must go shopping!" every time the season changes.  It's so easy for us to constantly get bored with our old clothes or only think of each piece as one dimensional.  The same goes for accessories.  When we do decide to buy a new dress, we instantly think about what new earrings we need to wear with it.  It's time to take a look at our closet with new light.  I'm here to help you look at your wardrobe with fresh eyes so you can save money, be inspired and (as always) feel confident in your clothes.

I couldn't be more excited about my newest project!  On the first Thursday of every month I'm going to be sharing with you one outfit, styled in two different ways.  Not only am I going to be showing you how versatile your clothes can be, I'm also going to be shedding some light on accessorizing.   I've decided I'll be REPEATING the same accessories in each post.  I KNOW!  I'm talking crazy!  Most fashion bloggers wear tons of new clothes and accessories every week forcing you to think that you always need the new hottest thing.  But let's be honest, that is just not realistic for everyone.  I really want to help you see the items in your closet in a new way, and so I'll also be talking more about accessories throughout this series.  Let's kick this off with one of my favorite versatile items, a black jumpsuit!

Guys, jumpsuits are the beeeest.  Not only do they easily go from day to night, they are so comfortable as well!  I know most people see something as specific as this and think it can only be worn one way.  Clearly, that just ain't the truth.  I especially like this jumpsuit because it's light weight silk, which works great for a more dressed up look, but it's playful nature also works with flats and a fun black floppy hat.  

A black jumpsuit is the perfect item for an exercise like this one.  When looking for versatility in pieces like this one, think about color and fabric.  It's a solid, dark color which tends to make the transition to evening quite easy.  Think about the versatility in fabric as well.  If your dress is a heavy sweater material it may not work for a lot of different scenarios.  

Look 1:  Dressed Up for Date Night
Hello hot pink heels?!  There is something about a bright heel that makes me feel like it's time to party.  Am I right?  I like to keep it clean with the rest of the accessories because wearing a jumpsuit is a statement in itself.  So between that and the hot pink heels, I didn't want to go overboard on the jewelry.  I stuck with my trusty chunky gold necklace and gold knot bangle.  

One thing that happens after you give birth is you forget how UNCOMFORTABLE real clothes are.  I love anything that is dressy but comfortable at the same time.  Can I get an "Amen" for that?  Seriously!  Go get yourself a jumpsuit (I know I sound like a jumpsuit infomercial but I can't stop gushing about them...).  If I was Oprah I'd be going around yelling "You get a jumpsuit and you get a jumpsuit!" but I digress.

Look 2:  Dressed Down for a Lady Date
Not gonna lie, I felt gooooood in this outfit.  Something about a black floppy hat that makes me feel like a diva.  What can I say?  Give it a try... it's SO fun.  So even though this is the same jumpsuit, this look gives off a different vibe.  It's got a more urban, casual feel due to the nude sandal and long pendant necklace.  Sometimes when you are wearing a solid colored maxi dress or jumpsuit you may feel like it's not giving you enough definition.  Adding a belt breaks up the look and shows off your waist.  Double bonus!  I'm a huge fan of my rose gold Michael Kors watch and I like to rock it as much as possible.  I'm not a stickler for matchy matchy with jewelry but I AM a fan of chunky chunky.  This watch doesn't need to coordinate perfectly with my bangles as long as I wear them on different wrists.  Don't be afraid of rose gold.  Rose gold is your friend!

 This outfit is a perfect example of what we were talking about last week.  It's easy to throw on, yet you still feel put together, stylish and like you are ready to take on the day!  Now it's time to put everything we've learned into practice!  Go to your closet and take something out that you have been bored with lately.  Style it with different accessories than normal and think outside of your comfort zone.  In the comments on the blog and using the hashtag #confidentstyle let me hear and see all about your new discoveries!

Next week I'm going to be sharing my new favorite bag to wear with this jumpsuit.  We'll talk about how to incorporate pops of color as well as some other tidbits about rocking an unconventional handbag.  So stay tuned and have a lovely week!

Look 1: Jumpsuit // Shoes // Sunglasses // Similar Necklace 

Look 2: Similar Shoes // Similar Belt // Hat // Necklace // Watch







Overslept? I got you covered.

Last week I woke up totally pooped.  Between the "after vacation blues", staying up too late to work on new exciting Head Over Heels projects and chasing a 1 year old around all day, I was just having one of those mornings.  You know, the kind where you are just totally EXHAUSTED.  The picture above is when my pup Lola was having one of those mornings as well.  Clearly, she gets it.  I decided to sleep a few extra minutes before Zoe woke up.  I usually take this time to get ready, but on this morning shut eye just seemed like the best plan.  What I didn't realize in my half sleepy state, was that I had a fully packed day and not very much time to get ready for it.  This, my friends is the turning point you want to throw on torn sweats and a dingy baseball cap and hope no one sees you.  I do NOT want that to happen to you!  Put the sweatpants down!  I repeat PUT THE SWEATPANTS DOWN!  Your whole day will be better if you feel good about yourself.  Luckily, I now have tons of quick tips that will speed up your getting ready time.  Now you can walk out the house feeling like a million bucks.  Read now, thank me later (when you have time)!  

Top 5 Ways to Feel Stylish and Put Together FAST

1)  One and Done!  Pick an item that is an outfit in itself.  Instead of spending twenty minutes deciding which blouse to wear with that skirt (only to realize later you don't have shoes that match) choose an item like a maxi dress or jumper to wear on those time crunched mornings.  This takes a lot of the guess work out of your morning routine.  Summer is the best for this because you don't need lots of layers to keep warm.  Take advantage and rock that new sundress!

2)  Go for Gold.  Don't have time to think about if that green and turquoise are clashing or working together?  Take the guess work out and wear your gold jewelry.  I'm a huge fan of gold bangles.  They instantly complete and outfit and are easy to throw on.  Some other favorite pieces are my chunky gold necklaces.  Boom, you just accessorized like a boss.

3) Don't second guess yourself.  One of the top reasons my clients say they spend too much time getting dressed in the morning is because they second guess their decisions!  Girl, ain't nobody got time for that.  Trust your gut and move on to the next task!  A good way to ensure you don't regret your clothing decisions later is to pick outfits that are comfortable as well as fashionable.  

4)  Stick with the faves.  It's not time to reinvent the wheel when you are strapped for time.  If you have an outfit that you consider your "go to", now is the time to put it on and never look back.  If you gravitate towards your favorite flat, I bet you'll feel the most comfortable in them.  While I might tell you to think outside your comfort zone on mornings you have the time, today is not that day!  Put on your favorite and get moving sister!

5) Plan ahead.  So, I know how this sounds.  You are thinking "But Melanie, how was I supposed to KNOW I was going to be running late?".  Here's the thing.  Find the time to plan for the mornings that you DON'T have the time.  So take half an hour one night, and plan out 3 amazing outfits.  I would even take a picture of yourself in them so you remember what you put on.  Then, before the overslept panic mode sets in, you can get to putting on your new favorite outfit with ease.  I call these my "Quick Outfits".  

Because I understand this can be more easily described visually (and I really want this to help you) I decided to give you some examples.  Check it out below.  

Outfits L to R: One, Two, Three

Did this blog post get the "brain wheels" turning?  Comment below and tell me about an outfit that seems perfect for those rushed mornings.  I love to hear about your "aha" moments!  

If you like what you learned in this post you are in for some serious luck!  Once a month I'll be sharing tips like these to help you achieve quick chicness with ease.  If you would like more specific stylish examples from my own closet you are ALSO in luck!  Gosh, I really am doling out the luck today!  Next week I'm going to be sharing with you the start of a new series called "One Look" two ways.  And what's first up in this series?  An outfit that meets all the criteria for a "quick outfit" like the ones we discussed in this post.  Can't wait to show you!




Style Post - Learning from the Color Wheel

Hello my loves!

With summer upon us I am really enjoying wearing tons of color.  I'm adore looking for new ways to spice things up and lately color and pattern are my two favorite ways to make that happen.   My clients are always expressing that they want new ways to wear old dresses.  Today's post will do just that!  It all has to do with a grade school basic.  That's right!  We are going back to elementary school art class.  The color wheel is a great way to look at your wardrobe with fresh eyes.  Since blue and orange are on opposite sides of the wheel they are known as "complimentary colors".  Therefore, when it comes to clothes, applying that principle will give you a fun new way to coordinate.  We don't always have to match blue with blue, or pink with pink.  You can use opposite colors by using the color wheel and know that the colors will work together.

I always view this orange Kate Spade purse as a statement piece.  It's so vibrant that it demands attention, and I like it that way!  It's best not to fight a big statement piece but just let it shine like the bright orange purse it wants to be!  I chose my trusty fav black heels to help tone down the rest of the look and bring in the black stripe from the side of the dress.  Everyone, and I repeat... everyone needs a pair of black heels that make them feel amazing.  It will make getting dressed up MUCH easier.  I also decided to play with pattern a bit in this look.  Not only with the stripes on the side of this sheath, but with this geometric cuff.  I love this cuff because it ties the whole look together in a seamless way.  

When you are in your closet and you see your favorite blue dress that you have worn a 1000 times with the same tired accessories, bust out your color wheel knowledge and change it up!  I'd love to see what you come up with!  In the comments section on the blog tell me about a color combo that you are loving right now!  If you are inspired and decide to rock a new look, take a picture and use the hashtag #confidencewithmelanie!  Can't wait to see what you are wearing!

Dress, Earrings, Cuff, (Shoes and Bag no longer available)

Photography: Melanie Duerkopp Photography

Hair and Makeup: Melissa Hoffmann



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