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Melanie is a stylist who adores bold prints, local farmers markets, and getting down to 90's music.  Her mission is to make women feel confident through their clothes.  This native New Yorker currently resides in the Bay Area with her fantastic husband, adorable, chubby baby and her impossibly cute puppy.  


Zoe Emma Kluger has arrived!!!

Photography by Melanie Duerkopp Photography 


Say hello to Zoe Emma!  This exquisite baby girl joined the world on April 23rd and is even more darling than we could have imagined.  I absolutely couldn't be more in love with this adorable, sweet, chunky baby girl.  I'm pretty obsessed with kissing her, watching her sleep, smile, coo and discover the world.  So much so that it has taken me this long to update this blog!  I hope you forgive me and please accept my apology in the form of revealing our birth announcement!

Here is the announcement we sent out to friends and family.  We used Minted to make our card.  They really are a fantastic company and I love that they are based out of San Francisco.  

That's right!  She was a whopping 9 pounds 2 ounces!  Please note her sweet smile and adorable thigh rolls.  She is growing fast (thanks to all this nursing!) and her eyelashes get longer every day!


If you love baby photos and want to keep up with Zoe and I (and let's not forget Andrew and our pup Lola!) follow along on instagram!  I can't get enough of this baby girl!






Here we go....


Photo by Maria Chang Makeup and Hair by Melissa Hoffmann

We have officially reached 40 weeks folks!  This baby will be here any day now and we couldn't be more excited!  I'll be sure to let you know when she arrives!  After that, I'll be on maternity leave for an extended period of time taking care of our little one.  Thanks so much for all of your kind wishes and thoughts.  I can't wait for this new adventure to start and to meet this baby girl.  





In honor of A.C. Slater

Guys.. I am in the homestretch!  I am a little over a week away from my due date and will be a mama very soon!  I have a few posts I want to share with you before I put this blog here on hiatus.  Please bare with me, since they are mostly baby related!  

As I get ready for my new role as a mom, I have been reflecting a lot on the past 9 months.  I know it's quite cheesy, but they have been some of the best of my life.  I feel so fortunate so have had such a wonderful pregnancy filled with amazing memories and life changing moments I will never forget (but as my mother in law reminds me.... I might eventually forget... so that's why I should write it down).   One of those moments took place while I was in one of my favorite stores.... Target.  It was the weekend of my baby shower and I was picking up a few goodies for my lovely friends who were hosting (best baby shower ever by the way!).  To my surprise my husband and best friend (who lives in Brooklyn) turned the corner and showed up next to me in the candle aisle!  I then stared at them both before I started to cry.  Dani (the bestest friend a girl could ask for) is also pregnant with her first baby boy and I hadn't been able to see her since she found out she was expecting.  So, not only was I completely surprised, but I was so elated to be able to share this time in our lives  in person.  The rest of the weekend was amazing.  We bumped our bumps together, shared in our craving for grapefruit and ice cream (not together, but that could be delicious....), and spent some quality time reveling in the fact that it was the first time our babies were hanging out.  Dani has nicknamed her little boy A.C. Slater after the best character to wear a wrestling uniform in a 1990's television show.  It seemed only appropriate to nickname my baby girl Kelly Kapowski (completely perfect for me since I'm pretty sure she is why I am still rocking a side pony tail) and have been calling our babies A.C. and K.K. since then.  It's weekends like this that I can't wait to share with our children and will always hold close to my heart.  Living far away from your best friends and family has proven to be very challenging for me.  This weekend was the perfect reminder that even though we live far away, friendships like ours don't change, they just get better.  I'm so lucky to have a friend like her, AND on top of it we are getting to go through this life changing experience together.  Love it.

It's also been really fun to get to explore baby web sites for girl AND boy items.  So this is a board dedicated to A.C. Slater filled with my favorite baby boy finds.  And to the Kims... Auntie Lem and Uncle Andy Pants can not WAIT to meet this baby boy.  Kelly Kapowski already has a crush.

Anchor Bib, Knit Fox, Teal Moccasins, Light Saber Rattle, Sunshine Pillow, Adorable Mobile, Doggie Bookends, Elephant Rattle, Striped Onesie



Auntie Mel


Guest Post - Ombre Wedding Details


Link to these dresses

One of my favorite trends in fashion right now is the ombre trend.  There are so many artistic ways to interpret this trend into your wedding day.  From bridesmaids to centerpieces and everything in between I'm sharing my favorite ombre ideas over at The Collection Event Studio.  Be sure to head on over and check it out!




Get The Look - Ali's Engagement Session Style


Photo by Sweet Little Photographs

After Monday's engagement post I was getting lots of requests on where to get Ali's look.  Who could blame them?! She looks amazing!  Well, today is your lucky day because I'm about to break it down for ya!  

Dress, Lip Gloss, Earrings, Nail Polish, Luminizer, Heels

Ali's style is clean and classic with a little bit of prep thrown in for good measure.  She loves to look effortlessly chic and (especially due to her incredible height) this style totally suits her.  When Ali and I started talking about outfit ideas for her and Tyler's engagement shoot she had some criteria.  She knew she wanted it to be an elevated version of what she would normally wear, she wanted to show off her legs and she wanted to feel comfortable.  Ali also tends to gravitate towards neutrals which don't always photograph well.  Since we wanted them to stand out among the setting of the Sutro Baths we decided that some color was the way to go.  So the challenge was to find a color that Ali loved and felt great in, that also worked well in photographs.  Ali is also not a huge fan of big accessories.  While she loves a great earring or necklace, they are usually smaller pieces and meant to compliment her style not be the statement.  Since we were "elevating" her look we liked the idea of a dress that had some texture and detail in it to create visual interest without tons of jewelry.

The Dress - This gorgeous Nanette Lepore dress was perfect for Ali because it showed off incredible legs as well  We wanted to show them off in a classy and stylish way.   This dress also was a great color for Ali and the lace detail added the perfect detail without a ton of jewelry.  Ali got this dress from Rent The Runway which is an amazing source for women who have high end taste but who don't want to spend a ton every time they have an event.  You can rent a dress (they send you a few sizes to make sure it fits) for a few days for a fraction of the price!  Such a smart idea.  

Heels - Ali owned a pair of great nude pumps and opted to wear them opposed to getting something new.  I always suggest that if you are going to be in heels for a long period of time, it's better for them to be broken in.  Also, we didn't want anything competing with that dress!  The nude heel also didn't add any lines so her legs weren't cut off and looked even longer!  If you don't own a pair of nude heels, you should probably go shopping right now!  They are so versatile and flattering.  

Earrings - Ali wore the Stella and Dot drop earrings shown above to add a little bit of color and to accentuate her eyes.  They were the perfect way to complete the look.

Makeup - One thing I always suggest to brides who are having their engagement pictures taken is to get their hair and makeup done.  I know it may seem frivolous, but unless you are a whiz at doing your own, it's nice to know you are going to look put together and great without you having to stress.  Ali went to Bare Escentuals to have her makeup done and they did a fabulous job.  She looks like she's glowing!  The makeup has a golden hue and looks very soft and natural.  I'd like to have that look every day!

Hair - Ali had her hair blown out at a Blow Dry Bar near her house.  Blow Dry Bars are the new up and coming thing and I couldn't be a bigger advocate of them.  They are usually very affordable and you always leave feeling fantastic!  Ali started with a soft updo before taking it down for the next look.  She told her hair stylist that she was going to take it down which was important so she knew how to add the bobby pins.  We decided Ali's hair should be up with the Nanette Lepore dress because we didn't want anything to compete with the neckline and it felt cleaner.  

Nails - Since everything except for the dress was light and complimentary Ali decided to go with the Shellac color "Beau".  How fitting!  It's important to have manicured nails ESPECIALLY for engagement pictures because there is a possibility that their will be a lot of photographs featuring your ring or up close shots of your hands.  I'm a huge fan of Shellac because it lasts for so long.  I also think they tend to look more polished (pun intended) because they won't smudge at all when you leave the nail salon.  Like I always say... "Once you Shellac, you never go back!!!"

And there you have it!  Ali's complete look from her engagement pictures broken down for your viewing pleasure.  I didn't mention the most important accessory because it's quite personal to each bride.  But, I should mention that the number one, most important thing in your engagement photos (besides you!!!) is of course your uber attractive fiance. =) The best thing you can do is relax, enjoy your time with your fiance and it will make for killer photos in the end.



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