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Melanie is a stylist who adores bold prints, local farmers markets, and getting down to 90's music.  Her mission is to make women feel confident through their clothes.  This native New Yorker currently resides in the Bay Area with her fantastic husband, adorable, chubby baby and her impossibly cute puppy.  




Style Post : Equestrian Chic


All images from this  post by Melanie Kluger

When the lovely Kara and I decided to collaborate on a style post I got instantly excited.  This bride-to-be has effortless style and collaborating with her is always a blast.  The inspiration started from Kara's exquisite Kate Spade purse (no longer available... that lucky duck!) that we both have been drooling over.  Kara said "Wouldn't this make for an amazing equestrian style post?!"  And so this blog post was born!  In addition to working together on the looks we took on other roles as well.  I was the photographer for the day and Kara was our stunning model.  So much fun!

Kara and I are both inspired by clean, classic style with a modern twist.  We decided to pair her dark brown boots with a fitted navy blazer (here is a similar one minus the amazing suede elbow patches), skinny jeans (always the best for going into boots), a light blue, printed button down and lots of fantastic jewelry.  Since she is a Stella and Dot stylist, Kara has a plethora of incredible jewelry to layer with.  I've been coveting this Luxor Link Bracelet for approximately forever!

 When I hear the word equestrian, I immediately remember my vintage silk scarf that I found at a thrift shop several years ago.  It is in amazing condition, is a super vibrant red and black and the print is fantastic.  I always think of it fondly because 1) it was a steal! and 2) it was on a amazing trip to upstate New York with my hubby.  I love pieces that have a history.  Here it is in all it's glory.  

Being inspired by the colors of the fall leaves we decided to throw on an orange blazer and green pashmina scarf for a bit more harmonious look.  This jacket is certainly a statement color and the contrast piping makes for a preppy and fun look.  

I still can't get over how gorgeous Kara looks in all these pics!  Her wedding photos are going to be ridiculously beautiful.  Can't wait to see her walk down the aisle and to see how the talented Melinda Bunker's captures it!




Kara and Matt's Fall Engagement Session by Melinda Bunker Photography

 Kara and Matt are one of those couples that make you smile.  Not only are they warm and friendly but they are excellent at playing with my boston terrier pup Lola!  Kara has fantastic style (as can be seen on her blog here) and always manages to wear clothes effortlessly.  She's a lovely friend (as well as model!) and I always enjoy collaborating and working with her.  Who wouldn't?  She not only has great fashion style but interior design is her specialty and boy can she style a bar or coffee table.  My house is living proof!

I loved working with Kara to make sure her and Matt felt amazing and comfortable for their engagement session with Melinda Bunker.  They wanted to feel casual and have a similar feel to each other without being "matchy matchy".  The goal was easy, breezy, effortless and gorgeous!  Melinda's work captures these two love birds perfectly.  Remember this mood board I made a few weeks ago?  Well, here is the reality!  

Here is even more eye candy for you!  And after that, check out Melinda's blog for more!  We really have to wait until May to see more of Melinda's wedding pics of this adorable couple?!  I know, tough life!








Holiday Gift Guide - The Hostess

Clockwise (L to R): Glittery Spoons, Candlesticks, Pig Book Ends, Nate Berkus Tray, Shimmering Sugar

So you are going to a dinner party and don't know what to bring?  I've got ya covered!  Metallics are a great way to go with hostess gifts for the holidays.  That sparkle works great for the holidays and beyond.  Here are some of my ultimate hostess gifts for this holiday season.

Glittery Spoons - These spoons are so adorable!  Throw them on any table setting and they instantly add an air of whimsy!   Any host will certainly appreciate this thoughtful gesture to help get their table ready for the holiday.

Candle Holders - These metallic candle holders are something I'd like in my house year round!  Hanukkah, Christmas, Thanksgiving.. you name it and these work beautifully in any home.

Piggy Book Ends - Full disclosure... I already own this!  I LOVE it!  And it's such a conversation starter.  These are certainly not your ordinary book ends!

Nate Berkus Serving Tray - I am adoring the Nate Berkus Collection at Target right now.  The home decor accessories are affordable and chic.  This tray is the perfect addition for the hostess with the mostest.

Shimmering Sugar - This is my favorite "totally unnecessary gift".  All I'm saying is cupcakes taste more delicious with gold glitter on them.  Don't you agree?

These Holiday Gift Guides have been so much fun for me.  Hope you found some excellent gifts!  Happy Shopping!




Holiday Gift Guide - Baby Time

Top Row (L to R): Wallpaper, Onesie, Furry Hat

Bottom Row (L to R): Lamp, Booties, Eiffel Tower Sachet

I have a confession, lately my mind has been focused on all things baby.  With a little one on the way I have been registering, planning a nursery and reading up on how to be the best momma I can be.  That being said, this year the holidays are going to be extra fun!  Here are  few of my "wish list" items for my baby girl.  This gift guide works beautifully for that momma or momma to be you are looking to get that little extra something special.

Wall paper - I have been in love with this wall paper since I first laid eyes on it.  It's dreamy.  It's girlie without being too girlie.  If you are looking to splurge wouldn't it be a sweet gift to say to a momma and pappa to be "I'm paying to have the nursery wall papered!"  Painted works too!  Such a sweet gesture when there is so much that needs to get done!

Giraffe Onesie - This onesie is so sweet I can't get enough of it!  I like that it snaps at the bottom and has long sleeves for when we first bring the little lady home.

Striped Hat - Did you think my baby wasn't going to wear stripes?  Think again!  The collection is already growing!

Elephant Lamp - This Jonathan Adler Lamp is pricey but oh so sweet.  It manages to mix modern and adorable baby nursery seamlessly.  A lady can dream can't she?

Metallic Baby Booties - Why do they make so many cute baby shoes for babies who can't walk?  Either way I want to have a LOT of them!

Paris Pillow - Every baby needs a little European influence in their life.  This is the perfect nod to a baby who will be quite the traveller.


This was a fun one ladies and gents!  Tomorrow's gift guide is less about the babies and more about the dinner parties!  







Holiday Gift Guide - Girlie Girl

Clockwise (L to R): IPad Case, Portable Charger, Champagne Flute, IPhone Case, French Bulldog Plate, Overnight Bag

The girlie girl.... this can be one of the trickiest people to buy for.  Whether she is a teen amidst all of the high school hype or just a lover of all things sparkle, they tend to be very particular.  I find that if you stick to glitter, vibrant colors, trendy stores and throw in a cute animal you will be an instant hit!  

Kate Spade I Pad Case - Girlie Girls love their gadget covers fun and playful.  They love to be in the know and relish in keeping up to date with the newest product.  This Kate Spade I Pad case not only is an amazing color pink, it also mentions mani/pedis.  DONE!

J Crew Charger - The hot, new stocking stuffer of the season (in my humble opinion) is the portable Iphone charger.  This charger could be a life saver, especially for those teenagers on their phone all day.  They are functional but also come in super cute designs and fit right into your purse.

Champagne Flute - Behold!  The most festive champagne flute that ever existed!  These are for those ladies that are over 21 obviously (or who love sparkly apple cider... wink wink).  I just adore how non traditional they are.  What a fun party gift!

I Phone Case - Madewell knows where it's at with accessories this season.  This floral Iphone cover has just the right amount of femininity.  It's sure to be a hit.  IPhone covers are a great gift for anyone with an Iphone.  It doesn't matter if you already have one, I love to switch mine up with my outfits!

French Bulldog Plate - If this came in a Boston Terrier version this would be a DONE DEAL.  I will have to just settle for gifting it to a friend who just got a frenchie!  Cough Cough vmacandcheese you need this in your life!  

Glittery Overnighter - J Crew.. just STOP.  I can't handle it.  The girls section is so good right now!  I want it all for myself!  Thank god I'm having a baby who will eventually be able to own some of the amazingness!  This bag is unreal.  Its so fun and such a great gift for that uber girly girl in your life.  


How much fun were these gifts?  Want to see more?  Good!  Head on over to The Collection Event Studio's Blog for my favorite holiday gifts for your bestie!  See if you can spot another Kate Spade accessory (I am sort of obsessed!).  Can't wait to share tomorrow's Gift Guide with you!  See you then!





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