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Melanie is a stylist who adores bold prints, local farmers markets, and getting down to 90's music.  Her mission is to make women feel confident through their clothes.  This native New Yorker currently resides in the Bay Area with her fantastic husband, adorable, chubby baby and her impossibly cute puppy.  


Guest Post - Oscars 2013 Recap

Pure Joy

Talking about everything Oscar today on The Collection Event Studio's blog!  Nothing makes me happier than glamorous gowns and Hollywood starlets so go check it out!




The Incredible Images for Sarah Jenks' New Website


All Photographs by Abi Q Photography

When I first met Sarah I was instantly inspired.  She is one of those ladies that brings out the best in people.  She manages to motivate others just by being herself.  It's quite infections.  We instantly connected and have been a consistent support in each others lives ever since.  Not only do we work together on several of each other's projects but she just happens to be one of my closest friends.  I know... I'm a pretty lucky gal!  

Sarah decided to take on the task of relaunching her website and I was totally on board to help make it happen.  As Sarah's stylist it was important for us to have a clear vision for how she wanted to be perceived through the internet.  We discussed at length what she had in mind, came up with inspiration images and mood boards and shopped til we dropped.  I will be sharing my exclusive images boards with you on Friday so definitely come back to the blog to check it out.

Once Abi Q signed on board I was even more excited to see this website come together.  I have been a big fan of Abi's work for a long time and I knew she would knock it out of the park.  Of course our favorite makeup artist Melissa Hoffman was there to make Sarah look even more gorgeous!  

We wanted to focus on Sarah's clear message.  Live More, Weigh Less.  We came up with several outfits that made Sarah feel amazing and took photos of her all around the San Francisco area feeling incredible and living her life to the fullest.  I couldn't be happier with how her website has turned out.  I am more proud of her every day.  She is clearly a woman who is going places.  It's always a pleasure to style her for events and photo shoots but this shoot was extra special and I think that comes through in these images.  Or maybe Abi Q is just a genius.  Either way, the end result is pure perfection.  Who wouldn't want to work with her?  

Come back on Friday to get the exclusive mood boards that I made for her to focus her looks and help create an overall feeling for the website.  

Also, for more images check out the incredibly talented Abi Q's blog.  Such beautiful images!




Vendor Spotlight - Amy Kuschel Bride

A few favorites: Azalea, Lavender, Sierra

There is something about Amy's effortless elegance that always has me swooning.  Her 2013 Collection is no exception.  Not only does an Amy Kuschel gown have impeccable fit, but her fabrics are always a wonderful mixture of timeless class and a little something special.  Exactly what every bride wants!  Which is always what Amy Kuschel's focus is on.  Figuring out what every bride wants, and delivering.  This year's collection has a garden party meets Great Gatsby theme.  What is not to love about that?!  Below are some of my favorites from her 2013 Collection that I can NOT stop thinking about! You really are in for a treat today! You are lucky enough to be getting the exclusive look before it's on Amy Kuschel Bride's website!

Guys, this is Clover.  I kiiiiinda can't stop thinking about how gorgeous it is.  This neckline is not used often enough in wedding gowns and I for one, am glad that Amy has decided to showcase it!  Amy is also one of the only designers I know who has a lot of sleeve options.  This gown has so much to offer any sophisticated and modern bride.

Speaking of sleeves... how delicate and romantic are the sleeves on Meadow?!  I know what you are thinking... "Melanie, the sleeves are great but look at that skirt!"  I know ladies... I know.  It's a real beauty.  Take my word for it, it's even more exquisite in person.

Ladies, meet Dahlia.  Dahlia, meet the world!  I can NOT get over this gown.  The lace panels going down the front are extremely elongating and flattering to the figure.  I am truly loving this sleeve trend we are seeing.  Amy has designed Dahlia top have the perfect lace sleeve.  By having the neckline low in the front and back it is still sexy and not too covered up.  This gown is what I think of when I think of a Boho Glam Disney Princess.  I can't believe I just said that... but I am just SO excited about it it's making me go Disney.  I also happen to love the halo used to accessorize.  I think that is adding to my Boho Disney Princess Fantasy.  Don't you agree?

And then there was Willow.  Willow is giving me something fierce.  The neckline in front is so beautiful and frames her color bones in just the right spot.  Aaaaaand then there is the back.  Brides often forget how important the back of your gown is.  That's the part everyone sees throughout the ceremony and this is one that no one will ever forget.  

I'm going wedding dress shopping with a beautiful bride at Amy Kuschel's San Francisco location this weekend and I can't wait to see some of these stunners on her!  While writing this blog post I found myself saying "This one is my favorite... No wait, THIS one is my favorite!"  It's so hard to choose when each gown has so many details! What about you?  Which one is your favorite?




Portfolio Building Workshop Finally Revealed!

 As promised I wanted to share with you some of my favorite Em the Gem images from the incredible workshop we were a part of at Kunde Vineyards.  Amanda from One True Love Vintage Rentals put together this workshop and lucky for you, there is more where this came from!  If you are interested in being a part of it you can sign up for the next workshop here.

We showed up at Kunde Vineyards to tons of goodies from some of the most talented vendors the Bay Area has to offer.  From the lucious florals to the delicious sweets there was something in every corner of the Kunde Ruins to be photographed.  Each set up was more inspired than the last.  One of my favorites was the whiskey bar that was tucked away amidst the trees.  It made for the perfect backdrop to showcase Amanda's adorable details and the charming calligraphy by Little Miss Press.  

Amanda carefully curated every detail down to the last piece of silverware.  Each handmade detail was better than the last.  The attention to detail is what makes Amanda and the One True Love Vintage Team so unique.  I mean, can you handle this silverware?  Even the napkins were hand painted!  Huckleberry Karen's florals were to die for and completed each vignette beautifully.

We styled two different looks for the photographers to capture.  I wanted to compliment the color scheme and add a more fresh, modern and untraditional bridal look to the shoot.  Sarah Seven's Goldie gown was the perfect gown to do just that.  The textured metallic lace has that extra something special that photographs so well.  I also love how structured Sarah Seven's bodices are, while still giving the feeling of a bohemian and free flowing gown.  This dress proves that you don't have to be in white to walk down the aisle in something breathtaking and unique.  I added a large statement druzy earring from Margaret Elizabeth that I'm still drooling over!  I worked closely with Priscilla Francine Makeup to complete both looks.  Priscilla's work is so lovely.  I'm totally obsessed with this fishtail braid and berry lip combo.  

Our other look was for a bride who likes a fun and flirty short dress.  It's also perfect for a bridal brunch, engagement pictures, bridal shower, or even a bachelorette party!  This Anthropologie tulle skirt adds a romantic bridal element but by pairing it with metallics, gorgeous curls and maroon booties it's dressed down enough to work for any occasion. 

We also brought another Sarah Seven stunner that we decided to feature in a different way.  With the sun shining on "Golden Lights" it truly made for a magical photo op.  Don't you think?

As mentioned before, this was actually a photography workshop.  I'll be featuring a few of my favorites from the other photographers who were there to capture all the beauty soon, so keep you eyes pealed!  Now, you should probably start pinning these images on Pinterest!  AAAAND GO!  =)




What I'm Loving These Days

Photo by Abi Q

I am constantly finding inspiration everywhere I turn.  It could be on my daily walks with Lola or over a lovely lunch with friends.  The inspiration hits me and I can't wait to find a way to translate it.  The smallest thing can influence a whole photo shoot.  I'm that girl documenting her food, or instagramming a picture of a wall (what if I forgot how beautiful it was?!).  This new series is called "What I'm Loving These Days" is there to record these little inspirations for sometimes they can be fleeting.  Especially with this pregnancy brain!  I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments space below!  Let's keep the conversation going!

Most of today's inspiration involves a little bit of "link love".  Something about Valentine's day made for so many great blog posts and photo shoots!  Not to mention all the new businesses that launched and website redesigns!  

I can't get enough of this adorable photo shoot on the new 100 Layer Cake-let.  I mean... hipster babies hold a dear place in my heart!

I had the amazing priviledge to style Sarah Jenks for her new website.  It launched on Valentine's Day and it is absolutely fantastic!  I love the message she spreads and am a huge supporter of her.  She also happens to be one of my closest friends and deserves a little plug on this here blog!  She'll be getting a big plug next week when I share the plethora of outfits I styled for her shoot.  Head on over NOW and show her some love!

Speaking of new sites... Amanda from One True Love Vintage Rentals is expanding her business and we couldn't be more impressed.  She also launched her new website Amanda O'Shannessy Creative this week!  How impeccable is her styling?  

The VineApp is a new app that Twitter has come up with that is pretty addicting.  It's a video sharing app that allows you to cut and edit 6 second videos.  I know this sounds short, but you would be surprised how much you can pack into these little shorts!  Follow me there under Melanie Kluger.  Warning!  It's mostly puppy videos of Lola and food. Enjoy!

Heather of Poppy Haus is an amazing mom.  She manages to create so many fun DIY projects that are great for kids but still fun and easy for adults.  Also, there is always a little bit of sophistication thrown it.  I always read her blog and think.... "Yea, I hope I'm that cool of a mom!"  Check out this sweet Valentine's DIY!  Also, how adorable are her kids?!

Have a lovely weekend celebrating love (I know it was Thursday but we can spread the Valentine's day cheer for a few more days no?) and I can't wait to see you back here on Monday for lots of Photo Shoot goodies!



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