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Melanie is a stylist who adores bold prints, local farmers markets, and getting down to 90's music.  Her mission is to make women feel confident through their clothes.  This native New Yorker currently resides in the Bay Area with her fantastic husband, adorable, chubby baby and her impossibly cute puppy.  




Happy Valentine's Day!

From the moment I met my husband Andrew my life has been different.  There was this instant sense of calm.  It may sound silly, but from the moment we locked eyes I knew that I had found the person I was meant to share my life with.  Every hope, expectation or dream that I have had he has surpassed effortlessly.  It's crazy to think that that was almost 8 years ago.  It seems like just yesterday and at the same time, I feel like I was never without him in my life.  We have had lots of ecstatic, intense, sad, and hilarious moments together.  But for me, it's the sweet moments that are my favorite.  They are the ones that remind me that we still have that same spark. Actually, no... that spark has turned into a fully blown flame.  I feel like every day I fall deeper in love and I am so grateful for that.  And for those sweet moments when I watch him talking to our future baby, or playing with our puppy and I see the man he is and the man he's becoming.  And I can't wait to witness it.  It's so hard to express to someone how much they mean to you.  Those words "I love you" never seem to cut it.  I may never really be able to fully show how much he means to me, but I know that as long as I always get the opportunity to try, that's all that matters.

To my favorite person - From Manhattan to Italy and everywhere in between you have been with me every step of the way.  I love you so much and can't wait to spend the rest of our lives experiencing everything life has to offer together.  Happy Valentine's Day my love!




Valentine's Day is for Pregnant Ladies too!

L to R: One, Two, Three, Four, Five

Wow have these past few weeks been a whirlwind!  Between our baby moon in Palm Springs last weekend to my baby shower this weekend, I have been one busy lady!  Not to mention all the amazing weddings and photo shoots we have on the horizon!  I have so many exciting things to share with you, I barely know where to begin!  

Let's start with our guest post over at the Collection Event Studio.  As you will see from my posts this week, I love me some Valentine's Day!  I was writing my guest post about fabulous Valentine's Day frocks when I started to get jealous!  As much as I love my baby bump, I do miss being able to wear dresses with fitted waists that I can find anywhere!  There are definitely great maternity options out there, but it is certainly harder to find.  So that got me inspired to find some gorgeous, versatile maternity dresses for us pregnant gals to wear wear on Valentine's Day and beyond.  When I'm looking for maternity clothes I have very specific criteria.  Here are a few of the questions I ask myself when buying something to dress my precious baby bump.

1) Does this item make me feel like a million... no a gazillion trillion bucks!  Dressing a bump is a whole different ball game then anything else out there.  You want to show it off in the most flattering way possible!  It is SO important to feel great in what you wear when you are going through such a huge change.  I think a lot of women opt for comfort and then don't feel great about themselves.  And while I agree that you need to be comfortable, wearing that comfy maxi dress instead of sweats you are choosing to present yourself in a way that will do wonders for your self esteem.  Promise!

2) "Does this look like a great dress?  Or a great maternity dress?"  Just because it's called "maternity" doesn't mean it has to look like it. I want it to flatter me like a maternity dress but look like it's just a great dress.  This will make you feel like you are still retaining your pre pregnancy style as well as give you the opportunity to wear it after the baby is born.  

3) Can I accessorize it?  Accessories are a pregnant girl's best friend.  A good accessory can completely make a look shine.  Don't forget, accessories can be worn after the pregnancy is over so you don't have to feel like their life span is limited.  

4) Does it have longevity and versatility? Let's be honest, as much as I believe in buying maternity clothes during your pregnancy,  I also think these items need to be worn again and again.  It's important that each item you purchase can be worn several times in different ways so you get the most out of it.  The bump is the statement, so I suggest staying away from bold prints or items that can only be worn once in awhile.  By getting a solid colored dress you can wear it with a scarf and hat one day and a cardigan and great pair of flats 4 days later and not feel like you are repeating your outfit.  

With all that said and done, I say you use this Valentine's Day as an excuse to put on your favorite outfit and have a romantic night out with your Partner-in-Crime.  Since it's my last Valentine's Day before the baby comes I am sure going to make the most of it!  

Don't forget to stop by tomorrow afternoon for an exciting blog feature!  I have been itching to share this photo shoot with you for ages.  Believe me, it's a doozy and you do NOT want to miss it!




Happy Friday! 

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I'm heading to Palm Springs this weekend for a "Baby Moon" as you probably already know from my plethora of posts!  Before we get on the road I wanted to wish all you lovies a wonderful weekend.  Do something nice for yourself.  I am POSITIVE that you deserve it!




Palm Springs Style

L to R Row One: one, two, three Row Two: four, five, six, seven

I'm heading to Palm Springs this weekend for a "Baby Moon" with the hubs and I am so pumped!  I can't wait to get there!  It's pretty obvious that I have Palm Springs on the brain because not only did I create this Palm Springs Wedding Inspiration Board, I also am talking about it in my guest post over at The Collection Event Studio!  I love how this part of California manages to feel retro and modern all at the same time.  The inspiration board above is all about color, whimsy and a little bit of that mid century vibe.  LOVE.  




What Melanie's Up To: Reclaim Childhood Fundraiser Recap 

It was such a pleasure to be a part of the amazing fundraiser for Reclaim Childhood at The Social Beauty Co.  It was an amazing night of talented, independent women raising money to empower young girls through athletics.  I can't express enough how impressed I am with my friend KK with all she has done for these children.  She is such an inspiration!  Check out more on the organization in the video below.  


Reclaim Childhood from Nadine Ajaka on Vimeo.


There were delicious appetizers, a fantastic raffle set up and tons of opportunities to pamper yourself!  The raffle included a styling session with moi, along with goodies from The Social Beauty Co, Sarah Jenks, Stiletto and Spice, Tulita Health, among others!  Also, my favorite jewelry designer Margaret Elizabeth was there showing off the most beautiful jewels! To see more on the event, check out her personal blog here.  Loved seeing some of my favorite friends (pictured below in this silly Iphone photo) as well as helping to raise money for this important cause!







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