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Melanie is a stylist who adores bold prints, local farmers markets, and getting down to 90's music.  Her mission is to make women feel confident through their clothes.  This native New Yorker currently resides in the Bay Area with her fantastic husband, adorable, chubby baby and her impossibly cute puppy.  


Playing With Pattern - Polka for the Maids

Two Photos Of Me Rockin' My Anthroplogie Polka Dot Jeans

Is it just me or have you been seeing polka dots everywhere since last weeks "Playing with Pattern" Post?!  If I don't have this sweater in my life soon I might explode!  With polka dots still on the brain, I started to get inspired to style a polka dot wedding look.  The trick is to have the polka dot be the accent, but not overpower the whole look.  If done right, polka dots can add just the right amount of "Let's Party!" to any Bridesmaid ensemble.

 Below is a creative look for your maids that is guaranteed to make your gals feel fabulous, while still coordinating with your dotty theme.  Believe me, I understand that not all dot prints are created equal.  That's why it's VERY important to make sure you don't overdo it with the dots!  Pick a statement piece (in this case the skirt) and let the rest be more subdued accessories.  You want your eye to have a place to go.  I threw in this fun polka dot clutch because the scale is the same and isn't worn down the aisle.  How much do you adore those Kate Spade Heels?!  I can't get over how perfect they are for this look.  They have a faint dot print (again, in the same scale) but it's quite subtle in comparison to the bold skirt.

 Alexis Bittar Earrings, Polka Dot Clutch, Kate Spade Loire Pump, Boutique by Jaeger Dress 






Guest Post - Crazy for Cork

Can't get enough of this fabulous bag!

Today is the day!  I'm the new guest blogger over at The Collection Event Studio and today is my first post for these lovely ladies.  Check their site every other Wednesday for some extra inspiration from moi!

I've been a sucker for wine country ever since we moved to California.  I love it so much that I find myself there more often than not.  For example, I'll be there three times this week!  So what do you get when you combine my love for wine country and my adoration for accessorizing?  A wine country accessories post!  Since this incredible company is based out of Sonoma, I couldn't think of a more appropriate way to kick things off!  Time to hop on over to see my favorite cork accessories here!  


Playing with Pattern - Let's do the Polka!

Polka Dot Amazingness right now at J.Crew


I've always had a soft spot for bold prints.  Chevron, houndstooth, and stripes, you name it!  I certainly do not discriminate against any patterns.  But the one that has been catching my eye lately is the timeless polka dot.  One of my favorite things about polka dots is that they can take on many forms.  Whether your look is sophisticated, quirky or loud, adding a polka dot always makes a statement and adds a little something special. So obviously this is an ESPECIALLY fun fad for weddings!  

I know what you are saying...  “That Melanie be taking crazy pills!” But with bold polka dots being such a big craze right now, I find the idea of a polka dot wedding irresistible!  

Left - Gorg Veronica Sheaffer Lierre Gown, Right -  Dotty Veil

Aren't the above looks dreamy?  Incorporating dots into your wedding does not mean you need to forfeit romance.  If anything, it can enhance that feeling!

In the spirit of all things patterned, I am starting a new series called “Playing With Pattern”. This is a place where you can find inspiration for your own patterned wedding as well as creative ways to add a little more chutzpah into your daily outfits.  You can expect a lively and contemporary take on pattern trends (starting with my current favorite trend) every Thursday!  Now, who else is feeling dotty?!

Below are a few of my favorite polka dot finds.  You KNOW there is a lot more where this came from, so start to get pumped for next week's Playing with Pattern Post!


1) Madewell Dress 2) ModCloth Scarf 3) Kate Spade Heels 4) Polka Dot Sunnies 5) Dotted Clutch 6) Most Fantastic Pants in All the Land 7) Loafer Amazingness 8) Dotty Sneaks 9) Sexy Little Bralette 10) Great Place to Keep Your Change 11) Loeffler Randall Heels


Hope you enjoyed these dotty favs! 






Feeling That Minty Sensation

I have a confession to make.  I have become OBSESSED with wearing the color mint almost every day.  Whether it's just a pop of color or a vibrant skirt, it's the perfect way to freshen up your wardrobe!  Even my darling pup Lola is in love with mint.  She is clearly telling me in the above photos that she just ADORES my mint J.Crew belt.  Take a look at some other fun ways to make your look "minty fresh".



my new favorite earrings, Heels to remember, Messenger Bag from Heaven, Peplum is the new Black, Best Note cards ever!, Neck Candy


I recently was photographed for the FANTASTIC website you are on now, and I knew I wanted to mix in my new favorite shade.  I opted for my statement H and M Ring and J Crew Belt.  By pairing it with an emerald green dress it made the belt color unexpected. What's more fun than that?!  I then added the most amazing Stella and Dot Statement Necklace (thanks to my girl Kara!) which added a fun element of coral (which you can see from the website colors.... is also a favorite right now!) and matched my heels.  The reason I am "feeling the mint" so much right now is because it's new, exciting, fresh and clean. Just like the herb!  Hope to be styling your bridesmaids with some mint accents in the near future!!!!  ;)

All images of Melanie are from the lovely Melanie Duerkopp Photography





{BTS} Behind The Scenes of a Photo Shoot: Part 1


Photo Credit Throughout Blog Post: Krista Marie Photography

Today is the first in a new series I like to call "Behind The Scenes" (BTS) a segment I designed to give you a "backstage" look at what goes on behind the camera.  

For the first BTS I wanted to showcase a shoot I recently styled that was nothing short of amazing. It truly took an army to make this shoot a success, and what a glamorous army it was!  

It all started when I lured in the endless talents of KRISTA MARIE PHOTOGRAPHY and was exuberantly on board with everything she said.  The vision started to come to fruition and we both could hardly contain our excitement. We decided to conquer three very different looks: One Gown Three Ways, Quirky Formal and Clambake Coral.   

Next, DAISY ROSE FLORAL DESIGN joined the dream team.  Her friendly yet professional demeanor and insane work ethic instantly impressed me. I could tell we were going to get along swimmingly.  

One of the main features in all three of the shoots was to showcase the beauty of San Francisco.  We wanted each look to be an individual and original concept, but with the common thread of our love for the city by the bay.  With that in mind, I knew exactly where to go for the perfect wedding gowns.  AMY KUSCHEL BRIDE of course!  No other wedding gown designer loves San Francisco more than Amy and they pride themselves on making every gown locally, which I just adore and find very admirable.  Not to mention her gowns are elegant, sophisticated and whimsical all at the same time.

The two gowns that fit the bill seamlessly were Eureka! and June.  "June" has that touch of prep that makes my heart flutter and fit perfectly in my Clambake Coral mood board.  "Eureka!" is layers of glorious tulle that move like a dream and just totally fit my vision for the One Gown Three Ways shoot. They really are something special, aren't they?!

Left to Right: Amy Kuschel June gown, Amy Kuschel Eureka! Gown

After months of planning, prepping, pinteresting and chatting it was time for us to make things happen!  We got ready for the day at the beautiful home of the radiant Sarah Jenks of The Breaktaking Bride.  Not only is Sarah a gorgeous model, she is also a bridal weight loss coach and a party-planning guru.  Sarah was joined with a bevy of gorgeous gals ready to work it!  We popped some champagne and then Sarah, Claudine, Ellie, KK, Kara and Ali all got down to business beautifying themselves and I began to pass out the first stylish bridal ensembles.  

We were also quite lucky to have Kara not only on board as a model but also as a Stella and Dot representative.  We were able to showcase some stellar pieces, especially in our Clambake Coral Look.

 Fun Stella and Dot Necklaces! From Left to Right : La Coco Rope Necklace, Cameron Pendant

As we were getting ready, Daisy came with her bouquets and floored us all!  They were so breathtaking we couldn't even speak.  As all of this is happening, Krista started taking photos.  You could tell she was instantly inspired and it really made for a palpable energy that continued throughout the day.  Krista managed to take pictures of everyone getting ready without us even realizing she was doing it!  To me, that is the sign of a fantastic wedding photographer.  What a pro!  


  Ethereal Shot of Kara getting ready for the Clambake Coral Photo Shoot

Throughout the day we went from location to location with ease (thanks to our chauffeur - a charming and loyal husband to a bridal stylist) and everything fell into place.  One of my favorite spots was a rooftop herb garden for our "Boho Bride" look.  the stunning bouquet from Daisy looked like it could have been picked right on the spot.  It was just the start of the symbiotic moments that continued to occur throughout the day.


Chambray, Tulle and Succulent = Heaven

 Another example, happened at the start of the shoot for our "Quirky Formal" look.  We magically discovered a vintage taxi cab and costumed gentleman in the middle of the street.  Clearly this was totally meant to be!  I jumped out of the car and screamed "We have a bride!!! Can we take a picture with your car?!"  The adorable bride to be, KK (her actual wedding is in a few weeks!) was a total trooper and jumped right in to get the shot. As you can see, the pictures speak for themselves.


KK and her new BFF

Another stand out moment, occurred as we were shooting our nautical shoot aptly named "Clambake Coral" and a navy officer walked right by us!  Can you get more nautical than that?! Obviously we jumped at the chance for a snap shot with him!  This is the photograph where Krista said "Look into each other's eyes."  He was quite confused since he thought our stunning bride Ali was actually getting married that day!  It definitely made for a fantastic behind the scenes moment.

Ali is wearing the Amy Kuschel June gown and Stella and Dot "Bahari" Necklace

That day definitely took a lot of hard work, dedication and creativity and I completely adored working with these amazing women.  I cannot wait to collaborate with them in the future!  There are so many incredible ideas and photo shoots already in the works and I look forward to sharing it all with you all!

A few giggles with the models

***Stay tuned on the blog because in the next few weeks I will be revealing those inspiring Mood Boards along with several never before seen photos from Krista Marie Photography.  I'll be talking about each photo shoot in more detail and it is not to be missed!