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Tuesday, July 25, 2017 at 11:07PM
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Why hello there Style Blazers!

Since we last spoke I've moved into a new town and Head Over Heels is sure to be inspired by our new surroundings. That's what today's post is all about. Being inspired by what's around you and letting it influence your style! Today I've partnered with Paperless Post not just to talk about their incredible invitations, but how to have fun with style and be influenced by your surroundings.

With summertime in full swing and so many reasons to celebrate, my husband and I knew we had to throw a BBQ in our new backyard. I happen to love BBQs and the relaxed yet fun nature that this kind of party suggests. For our party, I knew the first thing that needed to be decided on was the invites. I headed to Paperless Post to find a killer invite with style and man, do they deliver! I love that they have designers create exclusive invitations that can be online or printed. I chose a quirky yet sophisticated design by Indigo Bunting to set the tone of the party. And let's be honest, what says BBQ more than watermelon? I just adored the vibrant color palette and hand crafted nature this design conveyed.

With a stylish invite like this one, a stand out ensemble is also in order. When deciding what to wear for your next BBQ where do you seek inspiration? Why not allow yourself to be stimulated and energized by something new and exciting? Take this fantastic invite for example? I let my style mind be as creative as possible and came up with a few different outfit ideas inspired by this one of a kind watermelon design.

Style can be seen in so many aspects of our life. One ways to keep things exciting and to stay out of a style rut (and believe me, those style ruts are REAL) is to allow yourself to think outside the box. I like to create style challenges, such as "Can I create an outfit influenced by this invitation?". My favorite way to dress for a daytime party is casual with a little extra something special. In this case, these loafers for comfort with a conversation starter like these pineapple and palm trees is the perfect example! This board is meant to inspire, excite and remind you that clothing can be playful and sophisticated at the same time.  

1)Shirt 2)Skirt 3)Dress 4)Romper 5)Watermelon Purse 6)Lipstick 7)Loafers 8)Pants

 As I was writing today's post, I got to thinking about what's truly important when it comes to planning. Three things really came to mind.

1) Whether you are planning an outfit or a party, let your style shine as bright as you do. Use these moments to express yourself in a unique way.

2) Think about the outfit from head to toe and then some. Clothes truly become an outfit with the details like a bright lip color, a pedicure, or the perfect accessory.

3) Feeling stylish doesn't mean dressy. Take your t-shirt and jeans to the next level with a quirky watermelon purse. Wear a jean skirt with an extra detail. Finding something special in the casual pieces elevates the whole look without making you feel out of place.

Do you have any parties coming up? Make sure to check out Paperless Post for all your party needs and to be inspired! Here's to lots of hot dogs, relaxing conversation, cocktails, and of course, watermelon. :)

XO, Melanie 

Hair and Makeup by Melissa Hoffmann

Photography by Krista Marie Photography 

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