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Melanie is a stylist who adores bold prints, local farmers markets, and getting down to 90's music.  Her mission is to make women feel confident through their clothes.  This native New Yorker currently resides in the Bay Area with her fantastic husband, brilliant (totally biased) two kiddos and her impossibly cute Boston Terrier.  


That Feminine Touch

(Photography - Stephanie Court, Purse - Jordana Paige Hair and Makeup - Melissa Hoffmann Styling and Art Direction by Moi!)

Sigh... guys, its been awhile since I really, truly felt feminine.  I know this may come as a shock since what is more feminine that being pregnant right?  Well, not really.  While I did feel this incredible sense of "I am woman, hear me roar" when I was pregnant, between recovering from Jude's birth and the day to day life of with two young kids, I usually feel anything but feminine.  I feel motherly, yes, but not FEMININE.  I'm not saying I need to wear flower crowns and flowy dresses all the time, but sometimes that's how I want to feel.  

This became even more apparent to me when I was in New York last month.  I was reminded of my former, childless self.  The one who wore sexy underwear, loads of flowy skirts, bras that weren't for nursing and heels on a regular basis.  Who ran around the streets of Manhattan seeing shows and going out to dinner and dates.  Where did she go?  Now she spends her days praying for time for a shower and wearing clothes that need to be F.U.N.C.T.I.O.N.A.L.  Ok, I know that is dramatic but what can I say, sometimes that's how I feeeeeeel guys!

So here is the deal.  She's still there.  I just forgot that she's important too.  I'm not saying I am going to wear heels to the park or throw away all pairs of functional underwear.  Let's not get ahead of ourselves.  There should be a middle ground though.  My goal is to find it and be consistent about making it a priority.  So, how do I plan to do this? I'm SO glad you asked.  

It turns out my dear friend Sarah (also a mama to two young kiddos) was feeling this lack of feminity in her wardrobe TOO!  So when she came to me for styling advice I was so suprised that I knew exactly what to tell her.  Weird how when it wasn't me and I was playing stylist I could fix the problem.  Sigh... could "practice what you preach" be more appropriate?!  So below is essentially what I shared with Sarah on easy ways to add femininity into your wardrobe without feeling like you needed to buy all new clothes.  

Skirt, Shoes, Hair, Nails, Blazer

1) All The Flowyness Please - Anything that has a flowy, romantic feel will do the trick.  I tend to stear clear of fabric that can't get stained for obvious reasons.  That being said, I'm starting to buy certain items just for me, that I can wear when I'm not with my kids.  I'll leave the decision up to you, but a flowy top can also work for those people that need their clothes to all be washable.

** Bonus if you start incorporating a lightweight patterned scarf to your look too!

2) Feminine Shoe - This could be a strappy sandal, pair of floral flats or a shoe in a color that exudes the feeling you are looking for.  

3) Change Up Those Tresses -  Our hair can be used as an extra accessory if we let it.  When I was giving advice to Sarah, I mentioned wearing braids, or soft curls that allowed for her to feel like she wasn't just throwing her greasy hair in a top knot every day.  I love a good top knot and dry shampoo situation as much as the next girl (more probably) but if we are talking about ways to amp out our femine energy that's not it.  

4) Makeup and Nails - I always feel my best when my nails are done.  It's my thang.  Three of my favs are coral, light pink or cherry red.  This rings true for lipstick shades.  Pink lipstick is my jaaaaam.  

5) What's On the Outside That Counts - A cardigan, jacket or sweater that adds that little something something is what I want you to look for here.  Something that you can add to a more basic look that will instantly transform your look to something more romantic. 

*** HOH Tip - If this stumps you I want you to ask yourself: If I wanted to dress up a t-shirt and jeans in a feminine way what pieces would I add? The goal is to add pieces that can be versatile and work more than one way.  

This is definitely not the last post about this from me.  That's for sure.  It's going to be a process ladies!  Stay tuned!  I've been pinning away for inspiration so if you are looking for more check me out on Pinterest here.  

 With love; from my closet to yours,



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