Jovani Feature and a Happy New Year
Friday, December 30, 2016 at 9:29AM
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Hello there Style Blazer! How's your holiday season going? It's almost New Year's Eve and everyone is getting ready to rock their sparkly best, and I'm over here like... PJs and in bed by 9? 

New Year's Eve is one of my favorite holidays due to the fact that it doesn't involve anything put putting your best foot forward, enjoying and reflecting on the year's past, and there is so much hope and appreciation. Oh, and it involves confetti, cocktails, and sparkles so I'm not mad about it, you know? 

Over the years I've shared several New Year's Eve posts like this one and this one. But one thing I haven't discussed enough is how to shop for these formal events. One thing I love about shopping for an evening gown is that it doesn't need to be as versatile as most of the items in your closet. You can think about the event, and what you envision for that one night. Which is pretty fantastic if you ask me. 

In all honesty, who doesn't love a great reason to dress up? Today I'm a featured expert on Jovani's blog and I couldn't be more thrilled to share my advice. Jovani is an amazing formal gown retailer who focuses on stunning dresses that make every woman shine. When they asked to interview me for their expert series I was so flattered and so excited because let's face it, I could talk about dresses all day. Especially vibrant and unique ones like the ones Jovani has. Since I spent a lot time in bridal, I have A LOT to say about prepping for your event, whether it's a wedding (yours or someone else's), a prom or a work event it's important to cover your bases and be prepared from head to toe! 

In today's interview we dish on everything from how to pick and accessorize a formal gown, do's and dont's of dress shopping, and even some closet tips. 

Here is a sneak peek from the feature:

JOVANI: Once a woman has chosen the perfect formal dress, how should she go about choosing accessories? What are some of the items you need to consider to complete your outfit?

MELANIE: Before we talk about accessories we gotta talk about undergarments! Does the dress need Spanx or a strapless bra? What specialty items help to make your item complete? Then when it comes to accessories it’s important to complement the dress. I usually pick one statement piece and other accent pieces. For example, if you have earrings that are large and gorgeous, then maybe you don’t wear a necklace and a smaller bracelet to let you and the dress shine!


JOVANI: What are 3 Styling Don’ts for formal attire shopping? 

MELANIE: Style Don’t #1: Don’t buy a dress too small and tell yourself you’ll lose weight by the time of the event. Hello! Too much pressure! I know this one might seem silly but this happens ALL THE TIME. Don’t do it, girl! It’s so much easier to take a dress in at the tailor than to let it out.
Style Don’t #2: Don’t overdo it. Pick a dress that flatters and makes you light up when you wear it and know you don’t need a big earring, huge necklace, colored shoe, bright lip and a big updo. You know, balance baby! 
Style Don’t #3: Don’t forget about getting your dress hemmed! This is soooo important. If your dress is too long you will be stepping on and tripping over it. Here’s a pro tip: Wear the undergarments to the tailor so that it’s completely accurate. A padded bra can change a hemline significantly! 
To see the rest of the interview where we talk about personal style, where The Confident Closet started and where I style three of their formal dresses head over to their blog now! And while you are there you should probablyl peruse their incredible dresses too. Ya know, cause we all need a few more dresses.
Ok, so between all this formal wear and New Year's Eve talk.... what are you wearing for NYE?! Head over to Instagram or Facebook and let me know! 




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