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Melanie is a stylist who adores bold prints, local farmers markets, and getting down to 90's music.  Her mission is to make women feel confident through their clothes.  This native New Yorker currently resides in the Bay Area with her fantastic husband, brilliant (totally biased) two kiddos and her impossibly cute Boston Terrier.  


How to Create Hanger Appeal In Your Closet

Ever walk into a store and fall in love with a dress on a hanger?  You don’t even have to try it on to know you love it.  This can sometimes make for a heartbreaking end when your new favorite dress actually doesn’t look so great on you.  Then, the dress that you DIDN’T like on the hanger looks amazing in the dressing room.  Why IS that?!  

It all has to do with something called hanger appeal.

Hanger appeal is when a dress looks amazing on the hanger and it instantly says “WEAR ME!!!”.  

What’s so interesting about this fact, is that often the dresses that look great on the hanger actually ONLY look great on the hanger because that’s what they are meant to do.  Designers actually make dresses with hanger appeal in mind so that they sell more in stores.  

Crazy right?  So how do we take this “hanger appeal” theory and flip it around to make it ACTUALLY work for us.  

It’s about making your clothes feel as inviting and welcoming at home as they do in a store.

If the clothes in your closet make you want to wear them, chances are you are doing something right.  What… having all your clothes smushed on the floor isn’t screaming “I must wear you!”?  Try these three tips for making your clothes (and you) have a little more finesse.

Three Easy Ways to Add Hanger Appeal to Your Closet

  1. Give them room to breathe.  One of the keys to hanger appeal is spaciousness.  You never go into a designer boutique and see clothes shoved together on a rack or in a bin.  They are laid out beautifully, there is lots of room to move them across a rack or they they are on a mannequin being displayed with care.  Same goes for the clothes in your closet.  You may not be able to display things (of course) but you can think about ways to make your clothes have more room.  

  2. Literally…. hanger.appeal.  One of the easiest ways to make your closet a little prettier is to have all your clothes on nice hangers.  Furthermore, I like to put my clothes all on the same style hanger (except for jackets and things that need more shape).  The hangers in the photo above were hangers we REMOVED from her closet.  Wire hangers are a no and old random plastic hangers... gotta go! My favorite are black, thin, felt hangers.  This is a hanger that I recommend to clients all the time.  

  3. Color coordinate.  In my online course The Confident Closet I talk allllll about how to organize your closet and one of the ways I mention is color coordinating.  The thing is, sometimes it’s not JUST about organization.  Color coordination is also visually appealing.  This makes us want to be in our closets and want to wear our clothes more.

Is there something you can think about doing that would make you want to wear more of your clothes?  Does reframing the idea of “hanger appeal” change how you feel about how you have things organized?  Tell me about it in the comments below!  If you are stumped and are looking for some guidance you can also reach out in our private FB community here.  

I also just wanted to briefly mention how BLOWN AWAY I was by the response from the free video training series and challenge these past few weeks.   The Top Three Mistakes Women Make In Their Closets and The Confident Style Challenge were my ways of helping you feel more confident and more aware of your closet and your confidence level. I am so impressed and proud by everyone who participated.  

If you want more of where that came from, now is the time to sign up for The Confident Closet!  By signing up before June 6th you’ll be able to do the course with support from others doing the course at the same time, q and a's with experts in bras, makeup, hair, organization, and guided help from me!  I’ll be on maternity leave after this round of The Confident Closet so there is no better time to sign up!  

With love; from my closet to yours,


Photo Cred: Rosa Delgado


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