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The Hair Product Statistic That Blew My Mind

If you follow along regularly on my blog, IG or FB (aaaaand you should… obvi) you know by now how important I consider The Beauty Basics.  That’s why I created this monthly series that demystifies some of our daily beauty practices. 

I have curly hair that isn’t very easy to manage.   Some days it looks dry and other days it looks oily.  It really needs specific products or the curl is not my friend.  Because of this, I know I have to take the time to do my hair and do the research to make sure I’m using the right thing.  Otherwise I ended up feeling insecure, which is the exact OPPOSITE of how I like to work.  I’m all about the confidence baby!

A few weeks ago I found a statistic online that blew my mind.   According to Allure Magazine, Unilever conducted a study and found that a whopping 89 percent of women don’t feel satisfied with their hair products.  Whaaaat.  That’s crazy.  You want to know why?! It’s because there are TOO MANY OPTIONS.  There are over 600 drug store hair products.   How are you supposed to choose?  All hair and products are not created equal.

I’ve done a ton of research for my upcoming closet course The Confident Closet (comin at ya in just a few weeks) and wanted to share with you some exclusive recommendations straight from this amazing course. 

Before we get started, I want to point out that all of the products suggested in this post are purely being mentioned because I’ve either used them myself, have had clients use them, or have glowing reviews.  I took the time to research and take recommendations just for you!  I however, am not a hair care professional and none of this is endorsed in any way. 

 Fine and Straight Hair

Your hair is thin and gets oily fast.  You have to be careful because products tend to weigh your hair down, but without them your hair has no life.  Stick with me girl, I’ll steer you in the right direction.

 1) A Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner – This is key for hair that is as fine as yours.  I’m a fan of products that do their job without weighing your hair down.  Here is a shampoo that does just that.

 I've also heard great things about this shampoo which is known to thicken and strengthen with ease.

 ** HOH tip – Only use conditioner on the ends of your hair and make sure to rinse thoroughly. 

 2) A Lightweight Mousse – Adding body and control without weight is what we are after here.  We want to add some life into your hair without weighing it down.  This one does the trick without parabens or any of that bad stuff.

3) Dry Shampoo – This is great to add to your hair if you find it’s too slippery and fine when dry.  I love the body this product adds.  Don’t over use though because eventually it will build up in your hair and create heaviness.  Some dry shampoos come in the color of your hair, so make sure to get the right one!

 Avoid – Oily Serums

Extra Credit – Add a Heat Protecting Spray to help your hair from getting too damaged and to avoid breakage.

 Thick and Straight Hair

  Your hair is like this if the Kardashians hair was real.  It’s a mixture between the girl in the Pantene Pro – V add and a Mermaid.  Your only downfall is that your hair takes time and love and attention.  With the right products your hair really shines.  Pun intended.

 1)Leave in styling oil – tames frizz, strengthens hair and adds shine.  Look for a light weight one that locks in moisture such as this.

 2) Styling cream – Tames frizz, adds bounce and detangles.  Make sure not to use too much!  As my dad always says “A little dab with do ya!”.  I’m a fan of this one.

 3) Light Shine Spray – It’s the last piece to your gorgeous hair puzzle.  Make sure to only use from the middle of your hair down.  Adding that extra shine from a spray like this one makes you look like you just walked out of a hair commercial.

Ultra Kinky Hair

  Your styling products are super important for making your kinks curl not frizz.

 ** HOH Tip – Instead of drying your hair with a towel, try a t shirt.  It helps to control the curls without causing frizz.

1) Ultra Rich Hair Shampoo and Deep Conditioner – You need a shampoo that hydrates without stripping the hair of what it needs. This shampoo is known for doing just that and works great on all hair types including African American.  I’ve heard even better things about the conditioner

 2) Leave In Conditioner – Your hair looooves moisture.  Sometimes you may find you need a leave in to do a little extra work. I mention the Living Proof products a few times in this style sheet because I genuinely love their products!  Check out their leave in conditioner

 3) Styling cream for curly hair – You want to make sure you don’t use a spray since sprays tend to leave certain spots more concentrated than others.  A good cream like this one can add definition and controlled curl.

 This product is known for “transforming frizzy fros to soft curls”.  I’ll take it.

 ** HOH Tip – When you get out of the shower, wrap your curls around your finger immediately after towel drying to start the controlled curl right off the bat.

 4) Oil serum – Oil is the name of the game.  You need your natural oils and added a little extra will help keep that shine in tact while taming frizz at the same time.  This serum is known in the hair world as a game changer. 

 Dry  and Over Processed Hair

 Your poor, poor hair has been through the ringer.  Don’t worry; we can bring it back to life. 

1) Ultra Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner – This product restores and rejuvenates chemically processed or weak hair in a flash.  I’m a big fan of all of the Morocan Oil products since they really do the trick and are safer for the environment as well.

 2) Argan Oil Treatment – Sometimes your hair just needs to be revitalized and pumped with moisture.  This product does just that.  It also helps with damaged hair and with hair growth.  This product works great for all different types of hair including African American hair.

 ** HOH Tip – If your hair is really brittle and falling apart it might be time to get a trim.   

Wavy and Dry Hair

 All your hair is really asking for is frizz control and a little loving.  The point is to smooth out the wave without overpowering it.

 1) Frizz Fighting Shampoo and Conditioner – Tame that frizz and tame it good.  Keep in mind that since this is a heavier shampoo and conditioner, you should keep your styling products lighter (and that have natural oils in them).  This shampoo and conditioner gives you all the moisture your hair craves.

 2) Styling Cream and Wave Enhancer – You should look for a product that focuses on promoting the waves but not weigh them down.  This product works wonders but is really strong.  Use the tiniest bit and your hair is transformed.

 3) Salt Spray – This product really helps to control the wave without overpowering the hair.  This one in particular really adds texture and a super beachy wave.

 4) Serum – Once your hair is dry, feel free to add a serum to add shine and a smidge of moisture.  Definitely stay away from the roots with this product though.  The tiniest little bit of this product works wonders.

 Avoid gels – they are too crunchy and won’t give you that natural beach wave you crave.  That rhyme was intentional.

Curly Curly Curly Hair

 Your hair is C.U.R.L.Y.  and the only way to make it work is to embrace it. 

 1) Sulfate Free Shampoo and Rich Conditioner – You want to look for a shampoo that won’t dry out your hair.  Curls really need moisture to survive and thrive.  Your conditioner should seal in moisture but be careful that it’s not too heavy.  This shampoo and conditioner also restores moisture from color treated hair but works wonders on any hair type that needs to be revitalized.

 2) Leave in Conditioner – Keep that moisture in tact!  After applying the leave in conditioner (such as this one) make sure to comb it through.

 3) Curl Definer or styling cream – Provides hold, defines curls, and locks in moisture.  This one really does the trick without being too heavy.  It also smells good and is affordable.  Win Win Win! 

 You can also try a curls amplifier such as this one

 4) Curl Refreshing Mist (not hairspray!) -  Once hair is dry apply some of a product like this one, to enhance, revitalize and hold that curl just a little more.

 A few more tips:

 Extra Oily Hair – Make sure not to over wash hair. I know it seems like you should but washing it every day will dry out our scalp which causes it to produce more oil.  It just exacerbates the issue, which is not what you want.  When you do shampoo use a gentle one like this

Weighed down hair – Once a month, use a clarifying shampoo to remove all that build up.  This product gets rave reviews and is affordable to boot.  Make sure if it’s too strong for your hair you mix it with your regular shampoo.  A great way to remove all that pesky product build up and start fresh.

Flaky, Dry Scalp – Try using an all-natural oil shampoo such as this one to hydrate as needed.

 Soooo I think that covers it!  At least most hair types!  I would love to know in the comments section below if you've used any of these products or have a product you adore.  This post is meant to inspire you to start to play with different products to get the most out of your hair.  There is tons more where this came from.  Sign up here to be the first to know about The Confident Closet.  All will be revealed in a few weeks and you definitely want to be "in the know".  Can't wait to share all the deets!

With love; from my closet to yours,


Photo Cred: Melanie Duerkopp / Hair and Makeup: Melissa Hoffmann


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    A few days it looks dry and different days it looks slick. It truly needs particular items or the twist is not my companion. Due to this, I know I need to take an ideal opportunity to do my hair and do the exploration to ensure I'm utilizing the proper thing. ...
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Reader Comments (2)

Thank you for this Melanie !
I have grown out my hair from very short and its now almost shoulder length ,.It took ages ! But its so hard to style and it doesn't look the way I want it ,so I started to think all my waiting was in vain .I have tried a few hairproducts but indeed it is so difficult to know which one's to choose ! I am so happy for your advice and tips and I will try them out as ASAP..

April 6, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterErna

I'm so happy you found this helpful Erna! Growing out your hair takes such patience! Hope these products and tips work for you!

April 6, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterMelanie
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