How to Shop in Your Closet for New Years Eve
Wednesday, December 24, 2014 at 9:30AM
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Boom!  The holiday season is almost over. You went to all the fancy dinners, crazy amounts of family gatherings and a ton of parties. You bought way too many new outfits and know every item that Anthropologie has at the moment.  Eventually you know that you have to head back to your closet but you feel like everyone has seen everything you own.  New Years Eve is here, and before you go out last minute to buy yet another dress you'll wear once this year, let me tell you about something I call "shopping in your closet".

 Last year I started to create a practice around "shopping in my closet" that really changed my perspective on my clothes.  I gotta tell you, there is something super freeing about being able to say "I'm not buying new clothes!" and really taking a look at what you already have in a new light.

There are three principles I take into account when trying to "shop my closet". By asking yourself the right questions you are forcing yourself to think creatively.  This especially comes through when it comes to special events.  You want an outfit but can’t buy a new outfit for every new party!  It can be incredibly frustrating to feel like you are wearing the same thing to everything, or that you have nothing to wear OR that you just spent a gazillion dollars for a whole new holiday wardrobe.  This is where I come in.  The principles I follow help you to see your closet in a whole new and exciting way.  This is a great practice to start in 2015.  Don't ya think?

Below is an outfit planned from head to toe from my very own closet. It works for tonight's New Year's Eve festivities and beyond!  Don’t believe me that this look was fully from my closet?  Here is a little diagram for ya!

Melanie’s Top 4 Style Tips for Shopping Your Closet 

New Year's Eve addition

 Sparkles are always a good idea

One thing that never goes out of style is sparkles for the holiday season.  While some people wear sequins all year round, there are others that only bust it out for New Years.  When you step into your closet to decide what to wear, you can always go for something a little shiny and festive.  Wearing a sequin top for a night out in Vegas is a completely different thing than a holiday party.  It’s also usually a different crowd.  So to them it’s brand new!   Which brings me to my next tip.

Remind yourself that no one else remembers

That's right, I don't want to burst your bubble, but every time I get self conscious about re-wearing something, I get tons of compliments! Plus, to top it off, nobody remembers they have already seen it! I have worn the dress pictured to a bachelorette party, a Christmas party, 2 New Years eve parties (one where I was 6 months pregnant) and to countess date nights out. No joke. You will be surprised at how accessories can change a look.  Every single time people say "Melanie, is that a new dress!?".  Even my husband... Sigh.

Take boredom out of the equation

One of the top reasons we want to buy something new is because we get bored with our own clothes. It's not always the fear that people have already seen it as much as YOU have already seen it. A lot. It's not exciting anymore. I totally get it. So I want you to take a dress that you used to love, and look at it with a new perspective. What if you had just brought this dress home from the store? How would you make it shine?

 Allow hair and makeup to change it up

Ever associate a particular hair and makeup style with an outfit? I do this all the time. I say "Oh! My go-to hair with that blouse is a side braid!"  While this is nice in a pinch it can be really fun to switch it up!

For me, I decided to go for a more twenties inspired look to change up this dress. I usually wear it with my hair down and a sexy red lip. That became my go to. So once I gave myself the task of making it have more of a roaring twenties feel it totally shifted my perspective!  Thanks to my girl Melissa Hoffmann for always making me step outside of my makeup and hair comfort zone.

So the next party you have to go to, I want you to get EXCITED about your outfit.  That doesn’t mean to go out and buy a whole new look.  It means to look at your closet with new eyes and a positive attitude! 

If you decide to shop in your closet using the above tips, I'd love for you to tag me and share!  Find me on Instagram @hohwithmelanie or tag #confidentstyle #hohwithmelanie

I'm currently whipping up a VERY exciting project that I can't wait for you to hear more about.  It involves gems just like shopping in your closet.  So if this was your jam you definitely want to get on the list here.

Happy "Shopping"! 



 Photo Cred - Rosa Delgado and Hair and Makeup - Melissa Hoffmann

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